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Ticket Summary Type Status Priority Created
#12164 Dialog: Remove dialogClass option feature open blocker 04/20/15

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Ticket Summary Type Status Priority Created
#3685 Dialog: Ability to fade in the overlay. feature open minor 12/20/08
#5901 Apply additional dialogClass(es) to modal dialog's overlay div feature open minor 08/04/10
#6006 Dialog: Consider changing focus implementation to avoid scrolling content enhancement reopened minor 08/30/10
#9122 Dialog: Removing modal dialog with iframe blocks focus in IE9 / IE10 bug open minor 02/26/13
#9230 Recreating a dialog leaks memory bug open minor 04/16/13
#9332 Dialog: Focus not placed in dialog when it's opened in a change event in IE bug reopened minor 05/27/13
#9399 Dialog: IE8 black screen on remove with iframe or swf object inside dialog bug open minor 06/25/13
#9620 Dialog: JAWS reads content of dialog on every form element in IE9 & IE10 bug open minor 10/25/13
#9700 Dialog: Enter key does not submit form in IE8 with more then one input field and submit input bug open minor 12/09/13
#9737 Dialog: Scrolling in dialog in iframe disables iOS keyboard bug open minor 01/13/14
#9816 [IE9] IE9 crash with dialog and hide() bug new minor 02/12/14
#9823 Dialog: producing unspecified error in ie9 when INSIDE iframe bug open minor 02/13/14
#9832 Dialog: Content shrinks after resize bug open minor 02/17/14
#9919 Dialog resizing doesn't work properly if the dialog contains an iframe bug open minor 03/17/14
#9937 Dialog with iFrame and tab key focus bug new minor 03/27/14
#10132 Dialog: Closes on escape even if select is open (Firefox and IE) bug open minor 06/29/14
#10686 Dialog: Focus restore on dialog close can cause unwanted scrolling bug new minor 11/05/14
#10701 DIalog: selecting text programmatically in IE is impossible in modals bug open minor 11/20/14
#10897 Dialog: Make resizable handles easier to use feature open minor 01/29/15
#12869 Autocomplete (and Selectmenu) Menus Closed if Dialog is Dragged bug new minor 05/27/15
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