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#3762 Slider: handles not restricted properly when set programmatically bug open major 01/05/09
#4388 slider range option should work with more than two handles feature open major 03/22/09
#4739 Slider: Accessibility feature open major 08/02/09
#3071 Add Labels to Slider feature open minor 07/05/08
#3763 Slider: Change step option to snap on mouseup feature open minor 01/05/09
#4723 Slider direction (left/bottom:min, top/right: max) should be added feature open minor 07/27/09
#4779 Slider Has No Way To Dynamically Add Handles feature open minor 08/13/09
#5800 Allow sliders to be used on [type=range] feature open minor 07/06/10
#9371 Slider should change the mouse cursor, by a mouse hovering action. feature new minor 06/12/13
#9553 Slider: drag selected instead of closest handle bug open minor 09/12/13
#9924 Slider: Odd value when sliding past min/max value, only when 'step' represents < 1px bug open minor 03/22/14
#10658 Slider: handle is not mirrored in RTL mode bug reopened minor 10/11/14
#10737 Slider: allow for easy modification of the default linear behaviour feature open minor 12/30/14
#12852 Slider: Cannot reach max value with step of 0.01 bug new minor 05/26/15
#13002 Slider does not work with Jaws on Firefox bug new minor 06/04/15
#14638 A business concern attorney practices practice of law in areas such as modified partnerships, franchises, modified indebtedness companies, partnerships, and corporations. The issues that they unremarkably lot with include stockholders and shares, receivership and dissolution, holding relationships, officers and directors, acquisitions and mergers, antitrust, closely held corporations, liabilities and management duties, enfranchisement relationships and much more. feature new minor 10/02/15
#14646 Guidelines To Help You Understand The Essentials Of Marketing With Video feature new minor 10/03/15
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