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[meta] ui.build (1 match)

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#9743 Release: Generate quick downloads bug blocker 1.10.3

ui.datepicker (46 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority Version
#5446 public function for querying a date's 'selectable' status feature major 1.8
#5816 mouseover event gets fired when the day of today = the set day of the calendar bug major 1.8.2
#8968 Datepicker: month unselectable in popup window in IE8 bug minor 1.9.2
#8463 Option to set the date when changing month or year feature minor 1.8.21
#7953 datepicker show year/month in different lines when yearSuffix is not empty and changeYear/changeMonth both true bug minor 1.8.17
#7702 css class ui-state-disabled not applied after refresh when inline bug minor 1.8.16
#6682 Datepicker: No explicit en or en-US regional settings for datepicker feature minor 1.8.6
#8223 Datepicker: position remains fixed on scrolling bug minor 1.8.18
#8737 Datepicker: hidden input without sibling should use parent for position bug minor 1.9.0
#7717 Datepicker overlaps textbox after inputing new date bug minor 1.8.1
#7210 Add option to enforce 6-rows-calendar in datepicker feature minor 1.8.11
#7467 Datepicker icon should have more descriptive alt text bug minor 1.8.13
#5427 Modify "today" Date feature minor 1.8
#8245 Datepicker: Hardcoded non-breaking space in calendar header bug minor 1.8.9
#7228 Add Oridinal Suffix to Date Picker Formatting feature minor 1.8.11
#6213 Datepicker: no option for jumping years feature minor 1.8.5
#6224 datePickers windows ticks returns wrong date. bug minor 1.8.5
#6225 Datepicker: Inline datepicker and showCurrentAtPos bug minor 1.8.5
#7765 Datepicker: Focus not placed back into textbox after date selection bug minor 1.8.16
#7786 Insertion of invalid number is converted to currentDate but only in first time bug minor 1.8.16
#8556 Datepicker: flashes when moving between two fields bug minor 1.8.23
#7537 Datepicker Should Allow Removal of ui-datepicker-current Button feature minor 1.8.14
#8570 Datepicker: onChangeMonthYear does not trigger with ctrl+arrows / direct input bug minor
#8066 datepicker setDate should trigger onSelect feature minor 1.8.17
#8593 Datepicker disappears upon scroll bug minor 1.8.23
#8090 Option to use full month names in selection list feature minor 1.8.17
#9626 Datepicker: Set buttonText to a better value in demos feature minor 1.10.3
#7580 Datepicker: Ability to position current month out of view with showCurrentAtPos option feature minor 1.8.14
#6814 datepicker('setDate') incorrectly overwrites current display with two datepickers bug minor 1.8.7
#7584 Date range with beforeShowDay causing last day of month to have ui-state-hover class bug minor 1.8.14
#8353 Datepicker: parseDate accepts dates with two year digits with format 'mm/dd/yy' which should require four year digits bug minor 1.8.20
#6820 appendText wrongly follows isRTL bug minor 1.8.7
#7589 Datpicker constrainInput does not prevent pasting wrong format bug minor 1.8.14
#8873 Datepicker: Date not updated correctly when yearRange used and initial value not in yearRange bug minor 1.9.1
#8121 Datepicker: Focusing multiple elements at the same time throws an error. bug minor 1.8.17
#3771 Request for hover callback for datepicker feature minor
#8393 Datepicker: Issues using showAnim on multiple datepickers bug minor 1.8.17
#4045 Datepicker -- Today button enhancement feature minor 1.6rc6
#8910 Datepicker: Incorrect month displayed based on minDate and maxDate bug minor 1.9.2
#7128 Datepicker: image DOM position should not change in RTL mode bug minor 1.8.10
#8159 datepicker('setDate' null) should not set today active feature minor 1.8.18
#7649 Datepicker: Picker not in viewable position when the control is in far right side with horizontal scroll bar in IE7/8 bug minor 1.8.15
#8164 Memory Leak using IE8/9 with datepicker and frameset bug minor 1.8.18
#6885 Add "afterShow" event to datepicker core feature minor 1.8.8
#8170 Datepicker: Active day always appears as hovered at first bug minor 1.8.18
#6652 Ability to customize visible components of jQuery UI datepicker feature minor 1.8.6

ui.effects.* (individual effect) (5 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority Version
#6781 Effects: New jQuery-ui effects.text feature major 1.8.7
#8505 Absolute position child elements work incorrectly with "slide" effects bug minor 1.8.23
#9066 Scale effect: Element jumps to wrong position bug minor 1.9.1
#7069 Effects: New effect - Split feature minor 1.8.10
#5320 Can't realy clear queue after Blind effect bug minor 1.8rc3

ui.slider (10 matches)

Id Summary Type Priority Version
#4387 slider handles can be dragged over each other when there are more than 2 feature major 1.7.1
#4388 slider range option should work with more than two handles feature major 1.7.1
#4739 Slider: Accessibility feature major 1.7.2
#3762 Slider: handles not restricted properly when set programmatically bug major 1.6rc4
#4723 Slider direction (left/bottom:min, top/right: max) should be added feature minor 1.7.2
#5800 Allow sliders to be used on [type=range] feature minor 1.8.2
#4779 Slider Has No Way To Dynamically Add Handles feature minor 1.7.2
#3763 Slider: Change step option to snap on mouseup feature minor 1.6rc4
#7630 Slider index shall be accessible in event handlers feature minor 1.8.15
#3071 Add Labels to Slider feature minor 1.5.1
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