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Ticket #6259: example.html

File example.html, 1.1 KB (added by avuori, November 03, 2010 04:13PM UTC)
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> 
<script src=""></script>

	$(function() {
			helper: "clone",
			connectToSortable: "tbody.sortable"
		.droppable({drop: function () { alert("dropped"); } });
			<tr class="draggable ui-state-highlight"><td>Drag me down above the sortable, then quickly drag me up directly over and past the droppable</td></tr>
			<tr class="droppable ui-state-highlight"><td>Droppable</td></tr>
		<tbody class="sortable">
			<tr class="ui-state-default"><td>Item 1</td></tr>
			<tr class="ui-state-default"><td>Item 2</td></tr>
			<tr class="ui-state-default"><td>Item 3</td></tr>
			<tr class="ui-state-default"><td>Item 4</td></tr>
			<tr class="ui-state-default"><td>Item 5</td></tr>

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