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#5104 Autocomplete remote demo broke with 1.4 bug major 1.7.2 fixed
#5105 Autocomplete menu not visible in IE6 bug blocker 1.7.2 fixed
#5106 Wrong params in callback bug critical 1.8rc1 worksforme
#5107 Autocomplete: issues with the viewport bug minor 1.8rc1 worksforme
#5114 Autocomplete: Turn off collision detection for menu bug minor 1.8rc1 fixed
#5120 .autocomplete("widget") must return menu bug blocker 1.7.2 fixed
#5126 Fix demos bug blocker 1.7.2 fixed
#5130 Can't see combobox items when there is a large list bug major 1.8rc1 fixed
#5154 Autocomplete: showing menu with arrow keys requires too many keypresses bug blocker fixed
#5176 Found an issue in trunk version of jquery.autocomplete.js bug blocker 1.7.2 notabug
#5196 Autocomplete: "menu is not defined" error when using with bgiframe bug blocker 1.8rc2 fixed
#5198 Autocomplete: class needed on input element bug blocker 1.8rc2 fixed
#5205 Autocomplete: blur causes last active menu item to be selected bug blocker 1.8rc2 fixed
#5217 Autocomplete in Dialog is posiitoned incorrectly in 1.8 RC2 bug blocker 1.8rc2 fixed
#5237 Array matching behaviour of autocomplete should match on label before value bug critical 1.8rc2 fixed
#5271 Autocomplete: suggestion list gets hidden by bottom of ui-accordion-content and ui-dialog-content bug blocker 1.8rc3 fixed
#5272 Autocomplete sometimes doesn't resize matches window bug major 1.8rc3 fixed
#5297 Autocomplete: menu layout in IE6 bug blocker 1.8rc3 fixed
#5305 Autocomplete: open event should trigger after the menu is opened since the name is not 'beforeopen' bug blocker 1.8rc3 fixed
#5318 Autocomplete: Hovering over a menu item should not change the text field bug major 1.8rc3 fixed
#5326 Autocomplete doesn't support multiple items bug minor 1.8rc3 notabug
#5347 Autocomplete: each successive item hover makes item above shrink a bit in IE bug critical 1.8rc3 fixed
#5348 Autocomplete: menu item should not remain selected when mouse off menu bug critical 1.8rc3 fixed
#5349 Autocomplete: mouseover of menu item causes data loss bug blocker 1.8rc3 fixed
#5356 When focus is getting out of autocomplete list, the input value should resume default bug minor 1.8rc3 worksforme
#5360 [IE] JS error when moving with keyboard from autocomplete list to the field bug major 1.8rc3 worksforme
#5368 Autocomplete: aria role for menu should be listbox instead of menu bug critical 1.8rc3 fixed
#5387 Autocomplete: widget method not documented bug major 1.8rc3 fixed
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