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#5554 Button: Provide an "activate" event/callback ddegasperi feature minor 1.8 invalid
#7235 Button: Add dynamic label to simplify buttons from checkboxes feature minor 1.8.11 wontfix
#7573 Button should support enhancing submit button input with icons feature minor 1.8.14 notabug
#5254 Input, button and anchor buttons aren't consistent in IE7 bug major 1.8rc3 wontfix
#5454 Button Initialization Slow bug major 1.8 patcheswelcome
#5603 Button with icon not displayed correctly in Firefox when button has css height. bug major 1.8.1 wontfix
#5644 Button: Buttonset radio buttons ignore readonly attribute bug major 1.8 wontfix
#5895 Button: Using .button() from inside an onchange handler prevents the button click in WebKit bug major 1.8.2 patcheswelcome
#5979 $().button() with an image inside not working in IE7/8 bug minor 1.8.1 wontfix
#6063 Button: Labels with implicit controls are not converted to buttons. bug minor 1.9.0 wontfix
#6912 buttons dont work in overflow div in IE7 bug minor 1.8.7 wontfix
#7036 Button: Alignment of final button odd in IE7 bchiasson bug minor 1.9.0 duplicate
#7077 Button: Inconsistent button height in IE6 Necroman bug minor 1.8.10 wontfix
#7476 Button: Dynamically injecting a "checked" checkbox has the incorrect state bug minor 1.8.9 notabug
#7529 Button() checkbox problem with blanks space between words) and / in a string jorg76440 bug minor 1.8.14 invalid
#7814 Button: Exception - htmlfile: Unexpected call to method or property access. bug minor 1.8.16 wontfix
#8577 Button: IE infinite loop bug minor 1.8.21 worksforme
#8761 Button: Non-button elements with the same name as a radio cause an exception bug minor 1.9.1 fixed
#8975 Buttonset: refresh method causes JS error after adding new radio buttons tj.vantoll bug minor 1.9.2 fixed
#9602 Button: ui-state-active remains on disabled button bug minor 1.10.3 fixed
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