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#4983 font-family shouldn't be in the css generated bug minor 1.7.2 notabug
#8666 Firefox evaluates "+ ++" as "+++" resulting in invalid operand shazamfu bug minor 1.9.0 invalid
#8709 Touchscreen support slider bug minor 1.9.0 duplicate
#8716 The difference in the behavior of 'parents' and 'children' property bug minor 1.9.0 notabug
#8751 Poor docs regarding "events" feature minor 1.9.1 notabug
#8797 Bug on jquery.ui.core.js with safari 5.1.7 rmetayer bug minor 1.9.0 invalid
#8807 Bug in each bug minor 1.8.20 notabug
#8853 CSS Documentation page feature minor 1.9.1 notabug
#8854 Reflective XSS - bug minor 1.9.1 notabug
#8870 Custom Theme With CSS Scope Inheritance bug minor 1.9.2 notabug
#8887 In latest jQuery UI backgroundColor: "orange" doesn't work. All other colors do. bug minor 1.9.2 notabug
#8891 Remove $.ui.isOver() and $.ui.isOverAxis() feature minor 1.9.2 fixed
#8902 Remove $.ui.contains feature minor 1.9.2 fixed
#8904 Should jQuery UI's test harness be independent of MAMP feature minor 1.9.2 wontfix
#8908 API to detect ui component bound to a given element feature minor 1.9.2 notabug
#8922 $.jgrid.stripHtml is not a function bug minor 1.9.2 notabug
#8930 Odd Ajax issue rayhal bug minor 1.9.2 duplicate
#8933 + ++ sequence created a syntax error in FireFox colnector bug minor 1.9.2 duplicate
#8959 Slider handle showing dotted border feature minor 1.9.2 notabug
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