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#6737 Datepicker: Rewrite feature blocker 1.8.6 duplicate
#5679 Datepicker should reinitialize if dpDiv is removed feature minor 1.8.1 fixed
#7362 Datepicker allows changing year to something outside yearRange bug minor 1.8.12 fixed
#8664 Datepicker position is off when clicked on after scrolling down the page bug minor 1.9.0 worksforme
#8667 datebox onSelect does not function correctly for dialog bug minor 1.9.0 notabug
#8668 After clicking a value in the Datepicker control the base input field does not have focus. bug minor 1.9.0 duplicate
#8681 DatePicker - Done Button stealing focus bug minor 1.9.0 duplicate
#8701 Datepicker shows bar before it is called up. bug minor 1.9.0 notabug
#8702 Datepicker + Min/Max Range + UI Button bug minor 1.9.0 notabug
#8715 Why does DatePicker require a 62.5% font-size style on BODY element? bug minor 1.8.20 notabug
#8725 DatePicker's "Today" button does not select the day. bug minor git (not yet released) notabug
#8732 Datepicker: Regular expression not terminating. menslow bug minor 1.9.0 invalid
#8766 datepicker weeknummers and firstDay bug minor 1.9.1 wontfix
#8767 DatePicker's Today button gives user no feedback bug minor 1.9.1 wontfix
#8787 Datepicker: Add Kyrgyz localization feature minor 1.9.1 fixed
#8816 Localized DatePicker does not work anymore for French in 1.9.1 bug minor 1.9.1 notabug
#8817 datepicker div is cut off by iframe with pdf in ie and chrome bug minor 1.9.1 wontfix
#8821 mousewheel support in datepicker feature minor 1.9.1 plugin
#8833 default dateFormat better to be 'dd/mm/yy' feature minor 1.9.1 wontfix
#8864 DatePicker attached to dynamically created input does not show bug minor 1.9.0 worksforme
#8874 Datepicker should prevent default when handling "prev", "next" events usernov30 bug minor 1.9.1 invalid
#8883 Datepicker: Changing disabled option doesn't work bug minor 1.9.2 fixed
#8885 Datepicker: Add Belarusian locale feature minor 1.9.2 fixed
#8886 Datepicker: Add Norwegian Bokmål (nb) and Norwegian Nynorsk (nn) locales feature minor 1.9.2 fixed
#8889 Month/year navigation feature minor 1.9.2 plugin
#8913 Date picker minDate error bug minor 1.9.2 notabug
#8917 Datepicker: Add Canadian French locale feature minor 1.9.2 fixed
#8939 2 textbox with same id, but in different container id, datepicker will update the wrong textbox bug minor 1.9.2 notabug
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