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#9939 Datepicker: Incorrect date format for Ukrainian locale bug minor 1.10.4 fixed
#9735 Datepicker: Incorrect values in Spanish locale bug minor 1.10.3 fixed
#9175 Datepicker: Add Italian in Switzerland locale feature minor 1.10.2 fixed
#8953 Datepicker: beforeShowDay repeats dates Joel bug minor 1.9.2 patcheswelcome
#8899 Datepicker: When current date is not in yearRange date's in range cannot be selected bug minor 1.9.2 duplicate
#8602 DatePicker - doesn't reposition in ie8 wizrd66 bug minor 1.8.14 notabug
#8537 Issue with datepicker when tiggered by link with hidden input box inside li bug undetermined 1.8.23 worksforme
#8507 Not right day of week in datepicker bug minor 1.8.21 worksforme
#8451 Bad positionning calendar div on IE 9 bchapoton bug minor 1.8.21 invalid
#8445 jQuery datepicker doesn't work properly due to the presence of a text input Cupidvogel bug minor 1.8.21 invalid
#8423 Datepicker: displaying multiple months shows an extra row of dates on months subsequent to a "long" month bug minor 1.8.21 wontfix
#8420 Datepicker: calculateWeek doesn't take firstDay setting into account bug minor 1.8.21 wontfix
#8389 Datepicker: slideDown animation should become slideUp when calendar is flipped bug minor 1.8.21 patcheswelcome
#8178 DatePicker - bug regarding the back button support of the browser. bug minor 1.8.7 cantfix
#8122 yearRange, allow the ability to invert the order of years feature minor 1.8.17 duplicate
#8099 datePicker show todays date as selected and not highlighted when selected feature minor 1.8.17 duplicate
#8097 Jquery ui date picker carlx444 bug minor 1.8.17 invalid
#8024 Datepicker keyboard accessibility anand5387 bug minor 1.8.17 invalid
#8009 Datepicker: getDate returns the incorrect date when typing invalid value bug minor 1.8.17 duplicate
#7980 Viewport is incorrect in Firefox [email protected] bug minor 1.8.16 notabug
#7979 Localization for datepicker in portuguese (Portugal). feature minor 1.8.16 duplicate
#7905 Datepicker cannot be disabled after initialization. bug minor 1.8.16 worksforme
#7831 parseDate() regression since #7244 fix feature minor 1.8.16 wontfix
#7826 Datepicker does not work in IE from local intranet due to security zones bug minor 1.8.16 duplicate
#7812 Ability to Select Week and Month ldadams feature minor 1.8.16 invalid
#7782 Datepicker does not render proper month when yearRange does not include now bug minor 1.8.16 duplicate
#7779 datepicker doesn't handle inputs with single quotes in id bug minor 1.8.16 duplicate
#7696 slider handle overlays datepicker popup bug minor 1.8.15 duplicate
#7693 DatePicker clear button feature minor 1.8.15 wontfix
#7658 yearRange erroneous behaviour bug minor 1.8.15 worksforme
#7654 Datepicker doesn't fire change event on the input element when onSelect is set. bug minor 1.8.14 wontfix
#7631 datepicker does not honor yearRange bug minor 1.8.15 duplicate
#7589 Datpicker constrainInput does not prevent pasting wrong format bug minor 1.8.14 patcheswelcome
#7561 Use launchpad to improve and extend datepicker localizations feature minor 1.8.14 wontfix
#7481 Datepicker needs to allow for setting today's date. feature minor 1.8.13 duplicate
#7454 Datepicker loading slow in firefox prasanna523 bug minor 1.7.2 invalid
#7437 Datepicker: Norwegian i18n file(s) feature minor 1.8.13 duplicate
#7405 Add date format hint to localizations saje feature minor 1.8.13 wontfix
#7297 Datepicker - month/year dropdowns require two clicks to open correctly. paddyboyd bug minor 1.8.12 invalid
#7288 DatePicker jumps months when going to the Next/Previous month bug minor 1.8.11 worksforme
#7279 Datepicker: isDisabledDate: Check if a given date is currently disabled. feature minor 1.8.12 duplicate
#7267 DatePicker in maxDate use 23;59:59:999 aruizna bug minor 1.8 invalid
#7266 datepicker taborder - focus problem internet explorer bug minor 1.8.9 duplicate
#7253 jQuery UI DatePicker i18n language + formatDate issue (Chinese) bug minor 1.8.11 notabug
#7228 Add Oridinal Suffix to Date Picker Formatting feature minor 1.8.11 wontfix
#7227 Jquey drop down calender/datepicker crash the IE 8/9 when navigation bar turn off khairulnizam bug minor 1.7.2 invalid
#7218 Bug: DatePicker number Week to BRAZIL bug minor 1.8.11 notabug
#7081 datepicker positioning/rendering detection does not work properly if DP is inside a fixed div located at bottom of page and the page is long bug minor 1.8.10 duplicate
#6987 Datepicker incorrectly shown during alt tab jcdekker bug minor 1.8.9 invalid
#6733 datepicker bug: error with selecting dates with multiple calendars bug minor 1.8.6 duplicate
#6682 Datepicker: No explicit en or en-US regional settings for datepicker feature minor 1.8.6 fixed
#6263 Datepicker is opened in wrong position in IE6 when body has "position:fixed" in style maxbarbul bug minor 1.8.5 invalid
#6254 Slider handles overlap datepicker popup bug minor 1.8.5 duplicate
#6233 DatePicker: i18n file for Ireland olliehaughey feature minor 1.8.5 invalid
#6231 For gmt-4 (Chile) in October repeated the day is changed to summer time. bug minor 1.8 duplicate
#6224 datePickers windows ticks returns wrong date. bug minor 1.8.5 patcheswelcome
#6200 Selecting another month by using selectOtherMonths does not work. Uzza bug minor 1.8.5 invalid
#6178 Datepicker keyboard shortcut not working bug major 1.7.3 duplicate
#6171 Calendar displays over text box in some cases in firefox jerredmccurdy bug minor 1.8.5 invalid
#6152 datepicker ui-state-active should take precedence over ui-state-highlight bug minor 1.8.5 notabug
#6123 Datepicker: strange interaction with yearRange and defaultDate bug minor 1.8.4 notabug
#6094 DatePicker incorrect behaviour for defaultDate nazariy bug major 1.8.5 notabug
#6014 datepicker ui popup moves on window resize Nicholas Llewellyn bug minor 1.8.3 invalid
#5958 Datepicker: Allow the use of a function to determine the altField element(s) feature minor 1.8.4 wontfix
#5888 multiple datepicker with yearRang option set in one form causes error JMW1 bug minor 1.8.2 invalid
#5843 Datepicker: stays open if you tab out quickly [email protected] bug minor 1.8.2 invalid
#5842 Does not update field on date select bug minor 1.8.2 duplicate
#5823 onChangeMonthYear not working properly with minDate and maxDate remington bug minor 1.8.2 invalid
#5816 mouseover event gets fired when the day of today = the set day of the calendar bug major 1.8.2 fixed
#5751 datePicker 1.82 & 1.73 in safari 4/x -5.x/Flash 10.1 shifts all flash content on page left when initialized frostywd bug minor 1.8.2 invalid
#5734 The altField is not updated when a null date is specified bug major 1.8.2 notabug
#5728 IE7/8 Datepicker returns you to the top of a page ajacksified bug major 1.8.2 invalid
#5708 Datepicker: Add option to control if the year is displayed feature minor 1.8.2 wontfix
#5696 Datepicker bug: only 5 days in March 2011 bug major 1.8.1 duplicate
#5658 Datepicker not positioned for only-child hidden inputs bug minor 1.8.1 duplicate
#5646 GoogleChrome errorpage by open the datepicker x-f bug major 1.8.1 invalid
#5632 setting dateFormat and minDate with 4 digit year cause erroneous dates to be displayed bug major 1.8 duplicate
#5631 Datepicker: Allows disabled input to trigger datepicker bug minor 1.8.1 duplicate
#5630 datepicker maskedinput bug frabiacca bug minor 1.8.1 invalid
#5585 Datepicker Position Problem in IE 8 bug major 1.8 duplicate
#5561 DatePicker Truncation in IE6 daveroberts bug minor 1.8 wontfix
#5524 Tabbing quickly through datepicker-enabled field leaves calendar stuck bug minor 1.8 duplicate
#5492 DatePicker: when used in IE6 has ADA issues byronlai bug minor 1.8 invalid
#5479 Cannot override z-index on datepicker kwooda bug major 1.8 invalid
#5255 dateFormat/altFormat accept week number and year (iso 8601) feature minor 1.7.2 wontfix
#5240 Arrow keys don't work on datepicker field in Opera 9.64+ Eyeless bug minor 1.7.2 wontfix
#5033 Do not close datepicker until close button is clicked. graywh feature minor 1.7.2 wontfix
#4848 this bug come when set isRTL option to true bug minor 1.7.2 duplicate
#4847 DatePicker: does not popup properly in IE6 feature minor 1.7.2 wontfix
#4591 Datepicker: need support for scoping themes bug major 1.7.2 duplicate
#4329 Datepicker show/hide on hover/mouseout feature minor 1.7 wontfix
#4306 Datepicker: Expose option to append to something else then body feature major 1.7 duplicate
#4258 Datepicker: doesn't close on click date in internet explorer 6 zauber bug minor 1.6rc6 invalid
#4254 Datepicker: Localization error in uk locale bug major 1.6rc6 wontfix
#4198 Datepicker: setDate is very slow on IE6 bug major 1.6rc6 wontfix
#4071 Datepicker and ASP.Net validators. Error: 'length' is null or not an object bug major 1.6rc6 wontfix
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