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#8825 Dialog: Remove array and string notations for position option feature blocker 1.9.1 fixed
#9101 Dialog: Track last focused element instead of always focusing the first tabbable element feature minor 1.10.0 fixed
#9166 Dialog: moveToTop implementation resets flash/video/iframe/scroll bug blocker 1.10.2 fixed
#9241 Dialog: UI dialog inheritance causes undefined property '_focusTabbable' in IE9 bug minor 1.10.2 fixed
#9351 Dialog: Incorrect value for position option after resize bug minor 1.10.3 fixed
#9364 Dialog: Click of element with tooltip scrolls the dialog to the top bug minor 1.10.3 fixed
#9439 Dialog: Context is not respected for modals plumpnation bug minor 1.10.3 fixed
#9500 Dialog: Capitalize 'close' for closeText option bug minor 1.10.3 fixed
#10057 Error message after close and reopen the modal-form doesn't dissappear. bug minor 1.10.4 fixed
#10072 Dialog test fails with jQuery 1.6 on "TypeError: undefined off() is not a function" bug minor git (not yet released) fixed
#10103 Dialog: Focus management should honor isDefaultPrevented bug minor 1.10.4 fixed
#9759 Dialog: Broken images on CDN and quick download bug blocker 1.10.4 notabug
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