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#9315 Draggable: jumps down with offset of scrollbar mikesherov bug blocker 1.10.3 fixed
#9709 Interactions: Do not work on Windows 8 touch devices bug blocker 1.10.3 fixed
#9379 Draggable: position bug in scrollable div mikesherov bug major 1.10.3 fixed
#4261 Draggable: Inputs do not blur when clicking on a draggable bug minor 1.6rc6 fixed
#5727 Draggable: cannot drag element inside iframe bug minor 1.8.2 fixed
#5974 Draggable: disabled should not have the ui-state-disabled class or aria attribute aria-disabled bug minor 1.8.4 fixed
#6871 Draggable: helper won't revert to original position if the original item was removed during the drag mikesherov bug minor 1.8.8 wontfix
#6889 Draggable: Cursor doesn't revert to pre-dragging state after revert action when original element is removed bug minor 1.8.9 fixed
#7251 Draggable: constrained axis option returns incorrect position mikesherov bug minor 1.8.11 fixed
#8399 Draggable: focusable elements do not get focus bug minor 1.8.18 fixed
#9594 Draggable: Jumps with relative/absolutely positioned iframe bug minor 1.10.3 duplicate
#9733 Draggable: Changing containment option doesn't work benth bug minor 1.10.3 fixed
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