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#8932 Resizable: Sizing issue with box-sizing: border-box and padding/border mikesherov bug minor 1.9.2

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#4346 west handle on right-floated resizable is changing the left margin instead of just the width bug minor 1.7 duplicate
#5116 resizing div makes another div jump in ie6 bug minor 1.8rc1 wontfix
#5231 resizable: shrinks a little when starting to resize slowly in IE8 garcia.narbona bug major 1.8rc2 invalid
#8604 resizable inside resizable object bug minor 1.8.23 duplicate
#5499 resizable breaks option selected values in <select> tinu8805 bug major 1.8 invalid
#6134 resizable and containment loti bug minor 1.8.5 invalid
#5504 resizable + margin not working diou bug major 1.8 invalid
#7519 mouseup pb with IE9 PIR2 bug minor 1.8.14 invalid
#6207 jQuery UI Resizable 1.8.4 _mouseStop gets wrong left, top-values in safari tomcatharry bug minor 1.8.4 invalid
#4295 handles:{"e,n"} in ie6 doesn't work bug major 1.7 wontfix
#3776 ghost resizable doesn't properly display decreasing resizable bug minor 1.6rc4 duplicate
#5208 cannot set the aspectRatio to or from false after init bug minor 1.7.2 duplicate
#7400 buf library resizable blashak bug minor 1.8.13 duplicate
#7547 absolute element in second containment can't be resized vertically bug minor 1.8.14 worksforme
#5017 UI Resizable does not work with Table on Mozilla browsers bug minor 1.7.2 wontfix
#4373 Too much padding on bottom. Makes resize handle way too far from element. bug minor 1.7.1 duplicate
#7591 Resizing a DIV inside a TH in a table's THEAD with no TBODY and Dn'D applied, fails alerizzo bug minor 1.8.14 invalid
#4893 Resizeble + Draggable position in scrollable container bug major 1.7.2 duplicate
#7126 Resizeable: containment and aspectRation bug bug minor 1.8.10 duplicate
#5335 Resizable: position set to absolute at end of resize bug major 1.8rc3 duplicate
#8435 Resizable: grid does not respect min/max dimensions bug minor 1.8.21 fixed
#3728 Resizable: Use $.widget.prototype._trigger bug blocker 1.6rc4 duplicate
#3748 Resizable: Specifications needed bug blocker 1.6rc4 duplicate
#3635 Resizable: Scrolling causes resizable element to jump around bug major 1.6rc2 duplicate
#3724 Resizable: Remove use and support for $.ui.plugin bug blocker 1.6rc4 duplicate
#3634 Resizable: Relative width/height values not respected when resizable on one axis feature minor 1.6rc2 duplicate
#6151 Resizable: Quickly moving stops resizing but still fires resize callback be.davestein bug minor 1.8.5 worksforme
#4701 Resizable: Issue resizing with a scrollable containment: 'parent' bug minor 1.7.2 duplicate
#4554 Resizable: Inconsistent values given to the resize event depending on resize direction bug minor 1.7.1 duplicate
#8618 Resizable: Gives unexpected results when used on a rotated (using css) element bug minor 1.8.9 wontfix
#7193 Resizable: Delta is applied to returned size in resize event but not to element bug minor 1.8.11 duplicate
#8217 Resizable: Containment, which is grandparent, is not considered right. bug minor 1.8.18 duplicate
#8023 Resizable: Bug with scroll of ancestors tysauron bug minor 1.8.17 invalid
#3628 Resizable position: fixed is not supported bug major 1.6rc2 worksforme
#5587 Resizable not working with Overflow:hidden on Windows XP IE Browser danielye bug major 1.8 invalid
#3124 Resizable element within Iframe jumps/shifts during resize eduardo bug minor 1.5.1 worksforme
#8506 Resizable does not properly calculate width / height when box-sizing is different kenaniah bug minor 1.8.23 invalid
#8043 Resizable containment stops working when helper is defined bug minor 1.8.17 duplicate
#4974 Resizable box jumps when position is 0 mikesherov bug major 1.8a1 worksforme
#4596 Exraneous padding-right bug major 1.7.2 duplicate
#3732 Demo: Resizable ghost 'title bar' changes height Marc Diethelm bug minor 1.6rc4 invalid
#4343 Constrain Resize to Container not working in AIR bug minor 1.7 wontfix
#5399 .draggable.resizable busts container bug major 1.8 duplicate

Status: open (37 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#8120 resizable does not work for table headers in Firefox bug minor 1.8.11
#3446 draggable does not work with images when resizable is applied bug major 1.6rc4
#7453 Resizable: stop gives incorrect size and position when animated bug minor 1.8.9
#7233 Resizable: resizable handles fail to work in IE if transparent and content overlaps rdworth bug minor 1.8.11
#6641 Resizable: margin:auto bug in FF, Opera, IE bug major 1.8.6
#6723 Resizable: helper cannot be changed after initialization bug minor 1.8.6
#7876 Resizable: handle does not intitally show up with autohide on when assigning on mouseover bug minor 1.8.16
#4985 Resizable: float: right issues with position: static or position: relative elements bug major 1.7.2
#7369 Resizable: doesn't support containment: "window" feature minor 1.8.12
#5651 Resizable: destroy method enlarges elements bug major 1.8.1
#4760 Resizable: custom handles not supported for multiple elements bug major 1.7.2
#4310 Resizable: custom handles do not work bug major 1.7
#5021 Resizable: corner handles should be larger feature major 1.7.2
#5408 Resizable: autoHide option cannot be changed after initialization bug minor 1.7.2
#8238 Resizable: auto-wrapped elements should inherit zindex Davewp196 bug minor 1.8.18
#6783 Resizable: aspect ratio is only calculated in one direction bug minor 1.8.7
#5422 Resizable: animate option doesn't work right with alsoResize bug major 1.8rc1
#8171 Resizable: alsoResize does not maintain correct ratio for other elements if grid is defined. bug minor 1.8.18
#5027 Resizable: The animate option breaks the grid option bug minor 1.7.2
#4624 Resizable: The animate option breaks containment bug major 1.7.2
#7026 Resizable: Shrinking size of Input type Button bug minor 1.8.7
#7271 Resizable: Resizing horizontally with helper causes a vertical resize to occur in IE7 / 8 bug minor 1.8.11
#7002 Resizable: Problems using alsoResize with min/max height/width bug minor 1.8.9
#6860 Resizable: Problem using both the helper and alsoResize options bug minor 1.8.7
#6230 Resizable: Issue initializing a wrapped resizable when initially hidden bug minor 1.8.5
#4861 Resizable: Ghosting doesn't adheer to the Grid bug minor 1.7.2
#3719 Resizable: Ghost option does not show right or bottom borders bug minor 1.6rc2
#5426 Resizable: Expose an API for programatically triggering a resize feature minor 1.8
#4440 Resizable: Doesn't render nicely for textarea fields bug minor 1.7.1
#8344 Resizable: Destroy function removing ui-resizable-handle from inner containers bug minor 1.8.20
#4286 Resizable: Containment issue with offset grid dimensions bug major 1.7
#3176 Resizable: Buggy behavior when trying to make an iframe resizable bug major 1.5.2
#8044 Resizable: Bug using helper and containment on an absolutely positioned element bug minor 1.8.17
#7878 Resizable: Add option for setting the resize center feature minor 1.8.16
#4585 Resizable: Absolutely positioned resizable containment does not work when the absolute position is not relative to the containment element bug minor 1.7.2
#2421 Resizable breaks with %-based positioning but works with pixel-based positioning feature minor 1.5b4
#3276 "AlsoResize" should be relative to this.element eduardo bug minor 1.6b
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