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#4168 Event name collision with mootools bug major 1.6rc6 wontfix
#4680 Slider overflow in Internet Explorer with slide function bug major 1.7.2 worksforme
#4856 Slider showing incorrectly when inside a table that is inside a div with scrolls (Internet Explorer) bug minor 1.7.1 patcheswelcome
#5325 .ui-slider-handle z-index bug minor 1.7.2 notabug
#5565 slider initial disable not works bug minor 1.8 worksforme
#5709 Slider: Allow negative ranges feature minor 1.8.2 wontfix
#5790 slider goes outside range (in associated text box) with pagedown or pageup bug minor 1.8 worksforme
#6718 Slider handle shows min value when min and max are identical bug minor 1.8.6 wontfix
#7414 Slider: adding rangeDrag feature to slider feature minor 1.8.13 wontfix
#7426 Horizontal slider displays a blinking vertical line in handle on Firefox 4.0.1 after sliding bug minor 1.8.13 worksforme
#7798 Slider jumps forward when using CSS 'zoom' bug minor 1.8.16 worksforme
#7849 Slider: accessibility bug minor 1.8.16 duplicate
#7903 Slider range bug in Opera bug minor 1.8.16 wontfix
#8144 Min, Max & Step not being forced into numeric values feature minor 1.8.18 notabug
#8184 Slider stops working after moving cursor from iframe in IE7 and IE8 bug minor 1.8.18 wontfix
#8284 slidecreate event - ui.value is undefined enumag feature minor 1.8.20 invalid
#8561 Slider Range unable to move to bigger value if max and min have the same value! bug minor 1.8.23 duplicate
#8591 Select other handle when dragging one past the other (2 handles) feature minor 1.8.23 notabug
#9710 Slider: Does not work on Windows 8 touch devices bug blocker 1.10.3 fixed
#9890 Slider: Default anchor action not prevented when disabled bug minor 1.10.1 fixed
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