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#8950 Spinner: value can't be seen in dark themes bug minor 1.9.2 fixed
#9338 Spinner: problem with stepUp and stepDown bug minor 1.9.2 fixed
#8926 Spinner: Can't change icons option after init bug minor 1.9.2 fixed
#8750 Spinner misses click events in IE8 [email protected] bug minor 1.9.1 notabug
#8776 Spinner for numbers feature minor 1.9.1 wontfix
#8901 Spinner does not fire start/spin/stop events when calling stepUp()/Down(), pageUp()/Down() methods fedot bug minor 1.9.2 fixed
#8738 Spinner does not fire change event. bug minor 1.9.1 worksforme
#8945 Incrementing the NEXT spinner to the max value. Chris_43 bug minor 1.9.2 invalid
#8657 Enter value in Spinner feature minor 1.9.0 wontfix
#8679 1.9 jQuery UI Spinner Demo bug minor 1.9.0 notabug
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