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#8948 Keeping tooltips open on hover feature minor 1.9.2 duplicate
#8683 Tooltip is stuck if element is removed. bug minor 1.9.0 duplicate
#8703 Tooltip: Native tooltip is displayed for disabled tooltipped element bug minor 1.9.0 cantfix
#8704 Bug ToolTip bug minor 1.9.0 duplicate
#8706 To custom background color of tooltips is not avalible ? bug minor 1.9.0 notabug
#8708 Tooltip: Display on option elements in WebKit bug minor 1.9.0 wontfix
#8734 API Documentation incorrect for Tooltip Position bug minor 1.9.1 notabug
#8736 Tooltip is "stuck"(does not fade) on buttons that become disabled on click draneyj bug minor 1.9.1 cantfix
#8764 Tooltip does not disappear if the the element the tooltip is on opens a dialog weasel423 bug minor 1.9.1 wontfix
#8780 Self Closing Anchor Tag before Jquery UI Tab breaks first tab. bug minor 1.9.1 notabug
#8822 Track should not be lost without a mouseleave bug minor 1.9.1 duplicate
#8861 Tooltip: XSS vulnerability in default content bug minor 1.9.2 fixed
#8863 Tooltip freezed Revencu bug minor 1.9.2 invalid
#8868 ToolTip Display when near bottom of screen jdmckinstry bug minor 1.9.2 invalid
#8894 Tooltip: Title attribute is required before content option will display value bug minor 1.9.2 notabug
#8920 Tooltip potential setinterval endless loop bug minor 1.9.2 fixed
#8923 Bug Tooltip bug minor 1.9.1 notabug
#8955 Tooltip: error when parent element has no title attribute using jQuery <1.7 bug minor 1.10.0-rc.1 fixed
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