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#5490 Autocomplete: Change event doesn't provide selected item bug blocker 1.8 fixed
#5188 Refactor menu rendering for more customizing enhancement major 1.8rc2 fixed
#5289 Autocomplete: ignore cursor left/right enhancement major 1.8rc3 fixed
#5343 Add option to allow form submission when option is chosen bug major 1.8rc3 fixed
#5491 Autocomplete: menu items have no default-state-class, need to override font-weight bug major 1.8 fixed
#5338 autocomplete combobox look weird in opera 10.50 bug minor 1.8rc3 fixed
#5376 Menu plugin fires select when border is clicked bug minor 1.8rc3 fixed
#5436 Autocomplete: use $.ui.autocomplete.escapeRegex in combox demo enhancement minor 1.8 fixed
#5556 Internet explorer 8 autocomplete hover bug trivial 1.8 fixed
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