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#7322 Datepicker: Year selector disappears after setting an option in Firefox bug blocker 1.8.12 fixed
#6704 Display overflow when multiple datepickers have different numberOfMonths bug minor 1.8.6 fixed
#6734 Datepicker i18n: Problem with JavascriptPacker bug minor 1.8.6 fixed
#6775 DatePicker remains open when tabbing out bug minor 1.8.7 fixed
#6850 Disable datepicker should disable month and year dropdowns enhancement minor 1.8.7 fixed
#6949 Datepicker: Rendering problem after changing numberOfMonths option bug minor 1.8.6 fixed
#7062 $.datepicker.parseDate does not work for some locale date strings bug minor 1.8.10 fixed
#7250 Datepicker: Incorrect dateFormat in jquery.ui.datepicker-nl.js bug minor 1.8.11 fixed
#7254 Datepicker: Incorrect day name for Slovak localization bug minor 1.8.11 fixed
#7256 minimize event binding in Datepicker initialization enhancement minor 1.8.11 fixed
#7282 Typo on Datepicker docs bug minor 1.8.12 fixed
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