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#3263 drag & drop functional demos && FF3 paul bug blocker 1.5.2 fixed
#3535 Bug on "auto-scrolls to container" paul bug blocker 1.6rc2 fixed
#3984 Draggable: connectoSortable cannot accept strings bug blocker 1.6rc5 fixed
#4036 draggable: cssNamespace option should be removed, addClasses option added bug blocker 1.6rc6 fixed
#4192 Draggable Containment broken in Chrome bug blocker 1.6rc6 fixed
#4197 Drag child on IE bug blocker 1.6rc6 worksforme
#3161 iframeFix in draggable paul bug major 1.5.2 fixed
#3569 Draggable within container fails on Safari paul bug major 1.6rc2 fixed
#3599 Draggable - helper does not work with function paul bug major 1.6rc2 fixed
#3607 Draggable div not constrained within containing div when window scrollbars moved bug major 1.6rc2 fixed
#3653 Draggable: Bug - wrong className in iframeFix bug major 1.5.2 fixed
#3666 connectToSortable breaks if argument is array bug major 1.6rc2 fixed
#3710 draggable snap option doesn't include scroll offsets bug major 1.6rc2 fixed
#3877 Draggable containment option doesn't work with Array (regression) bug major 1.6rc5 fixed
#3910 Draggable start callback fires multiple times and parent elements are selected bug major 1.6rc5 fixed
#3917 draggable: remove ui.options bug major 1.6rc5 fixed
#3957 draggable: padding space should not be used in certain calculations bug major 1.6rc5 fixed
#3959 scrolltop hasnt been added to helper bug major 1.6rc5 worksforme
#2964 draggable jumps if position: absolute parent has border set with style and overriden in stylesheet rdworth bug minor 1.5 notabug
#3175 Draggable revert: option can be a callback paul enhancement minor 1.5.2 fixed
#3556 Draggable connectToSortable revert bug paul bug minor 1.5.2 fixed
#3699 ui.draggable helper must back where it starts bug minor 1.6rc2 fixed
#3802 Draggable: Drag callback not called when using Jquery 1.3b2 bug minor 1.5.2 fixed
#3878 Draggable defaults should be set to 'false' if disabled, not null bug minor 1.6rc5 fixed
#3907 problem with drag in Opera bug minor 1.6rc5 worksforme
#3976 Draggable: ui hash should have offset instead of absolutePosition bug minor 1.6rc5 fixed
#3986 Draggable: disables dropdown (<select>) in Chrome & Safari bug minor 1.5.2 fixed
#3502 draggable connected to sortable - error when the items are dragged back to a droppable eduardo bug critical fixed
#3557 Draggable: Undocumented options - connectToSortable, iframeFix, scope, stack paul bug critical 1.6rc2 fixed
#3568 Drag is jumping with scrollbar paul bug critical 1.6rc2 fixed
#3698 After leaving a connected sortable without drop action, the sortable is not functional bug critical 1.6rc2 fixed
#3707 draggable and droppable inconsistent in use of cssNamespace option bug critical 1.6rc2 fixed
#3853 Draggable Snap Positioning Is Wrong bug critical 1.6rc5 fixed
#3980 Disabled sortable still receives elements bug critical 1.6rc5 fixed
#3994 Draggable: Shift on start/stop in IE bug critical 1.5 fixed
#4021 page scroll when drag a sortable element in safari bug critical 1.6rc6 worksforme
#4087 Removing ui.draggable immediately after the drop callback raises an error. bug critical 1.6rc6 fixed
#4141 draggable: margin on body element in safari caused bump paul bug critical 1.6rc6 fixed
#4142 draggable: fixed positions include wrong scroll offset in safari bug critical 1.6rc6 fixed
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