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#3722 Draggable: Remove use and support for $.ui.plugin bug blocker 1.6rc4 duplicate
#3726 Draggable: Use $.widget.prototype._trigger bug blocker 1.6rc4 duplicate
#3746 Draggable: Specifications needed bug blocker 1.6rc4 duplicate
#3739 connectToSortable now fails if argument is string bug major 1.6rc4 worksforme
#3740 Draggable: scrolled draggable has incorrect position bug major 1.6rc4 duplicate
#3791 Black background PNG-24 in IE7 bug major 1.6rc4 worksforme
#4144 Draggable containment breaks in FF2, Safari, Chrome bug major 1.6rc6 worksforme
#4460 memory leak in ie 6.0.2800 bug major 1.7.1 wontfix
#4986 Draggable disable text selection of input btlagutoli bug major 1.7.2 invalid
#5050 Draggable: overconstrained image inside overflow:auto div doesn't clip properly bug major 1.7.2 wontfix
#5096 Draggable does not scroll in IE6 bug major 1.7.2 wontfix
#5189 Draggable has a few issues when connecting to more than one sortable Kronuz bug major 1.8rc1 invalid
#5378 Nested draggables (with opacity set) in IE: helper not visible after dragging Lockhead bug major 1.8rc3 invalid
#5657 Draggable breaks in IE7 IE8 bug major 1.8.1 duplicate
#5714 Draggable 'stop' event malfunctioning in FF and Chrome bug major 1.8.2 worksforme
#5942 Bug in dragging on Opera 10.x. bug major 1.8.4 wontfix
#3575 draggable behaviour with flash appearing broken under Safari paul bug minor 1.6rc2 worksforme
#3715 draggable: cursorAt could use an animation feature minor 1.6rc2 wontfix
#4218 using draggable after animate in ems not working inside elements with overflow scroll Sam Hasler bug minor 1.6rc6 invalid
#4742 Webkit browsers (safari + chrome) can't do delayed draggable bug minor 1.7.2 worksforme
#4781 Patch: force draggable's containment property to update during drag feature minor 1.7.2 duplicate
#4806 Draggable: Script error bug minor 1.7.2 worksforme
#4823 Droppable tolerance "intersect" did not work properly when in exact grid fjosefsson bug minor 1.7.2 invalid
#4971 Droppable: inside tabs issue bmihelac bug minor 1.7.2 worksforme
#4981 Draggable: when using clone helper, the "ui" element in the drop event is the original element, not the clone bug minor 1.7.1 notabug
#4994 Draggable: Add support for dir="rtl" inamjameel feature minor 1.7.2 worksforme
#5001 Performance: ui.draggable uses repeated $( ) for same object feature minor 1.7.2 notabug
#5019 connectToSortable fails if sortable is applied before element was appended to document bug minor 1.7.2 worksforme
#5049 a(this).data("draggable") is undefined bug minor 1.7.2 notabug
#5407 helper text in draggable gets small in IE edwinboersma bug minor 1.8 invalid
#5558 Draggable: Selecting the text within the delay draggable demo causes the draggable to drug until you left click wgoldman bug minor 1.8 worksforme
#5718 Draggable: distance between element and cursor increases when vertically scrolling during drag bug minor 1.8.2 duplicate
#5845 IE Text Selection While Dragging (Dealyed / Distance Start) rogerkng bug minor 1.8.2 invalid
#5912 Draggable: Avoid using scrollWidth and scrollHeight for containment calculations bug minor 1.8.4 notabug
#6664 problem add one draggable to many containers bug minor 1.8.6 worksforme
#6707 Draggable: IE8 + SSL + button background image = security warning bug minor 1.8.6 cantfix
#6844 Draggable: support CSS tranforms feature minor 1.8.7 wontfix
#6898 Calling destroy on draggables causes orphans in IE8 aws bug minor 1.8.9 invalid
#6925 Draggable: drag is started when scrollbar is used on draggable element but not stopped in Chrome bug minor 1.8.9 cantfix
#6940 Removing helper with link acting as link click in Chrome bug minor 1.8.9 worksforme
#6980 Draggable DIV jumps in Safari&Chrome after Ctrl+/- bug minor 1.8.9 wontfix
#6999 Draggable: helper doesn't get removed if draggable has been removed during drag bug minor 1.8.9 duplicate
#7000 Draggable: does not detect nested, removed Draggable when element is removed during drag bug minor 1.8.9 wontfix
#7167 Draggable: dropOnEmpty option or Sortable: repurpose same feature minor 1.8.11 wontfix
#7220 Draggable: relative positioning with clone helper and appendTo creates incorrect positioning bug minor 1.8.11 notabug
#7278 Draggable position becomes incorrect when dragging to a target that isn't visible without scrolling bug minor 1.8.12 duplicate
#7359 IE issues with "delay" and "distance" kaikomai bug minor 1.8.11 invalid
#7448 When draggable "stop" method calls an animation's "stop" method, an infinite error message occurs. bug minor 1.8.13 worksforme
#7596 Draggable helper="clone" option causes cursor to lock in IE9 bug minor 1.8.14 worksforme
#7712 Dragging image clone issue when there is a vertical scrollbar xerenader bug minor 1.8.16 invalid
#7935 draggable() + scroll in chrome bug minor 1.8.16 duplicate
#7983 Draggables do not properly account for scrollHeight in Firefox 8 or 9. bug minor 1.8.16 duplicate
#8035 Error when dragging and sorting neoniks bug minor 1.8.17 invalid
#8334 Documentation: manipulating size during drag feature minor 1.8.20 notabug
#8335 Draggable: reports different coordinates for SVG element in Firefox and Webkit bug minor 1.8.20 wontfix
#8355 Draggable: iframeFixes are in the wrong place if the iframe moves atrigent bug minor 1.8.20 invalid
#8373 Jquery draggable + resizable element going out of bounds bug minor 1.8.20 duplicate
#8377 Draggable documention should say that appendTo is for use with helper andrewbadr bug minor 1.8.20 notabug
#8547 Chrome: clicking on scrollbar inside a draggable element attaches element permanently to cursor bug minor 1.8.23 duplicate
#8588 Draggable constraint breaking on some browsers when used with resizable bug minor 1.8.23 duplicate
#8940 Draggable: Incorrect calculations with HTML padding and/or BODY width or margins bug minor 1.9.2 wontfix

Status: open (9 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#2405 [Drag/Droppables] Support for TableRows/TableColumns/TableCells/TableBodies paul feature major 1.5
#4911 Draggable: Add a refresh method feature major 1.7.2
#5190 Draggable: Performance problems due to css calculations feature minor 1.7.2
#7853 Draggable: cloned helper of different dimensions than original not dragged by click point bug minor 1.8.16
#7971 Keyboard controls feature minor 1.8.16
#8286 Draggable: Dragged element mouse offset is incorrect when document flow changes bug minor 1.8.19
#8384 Draggable+Sortable: make what is inserted configurable feature minor 1.8.21
#8578 draggable: position rounding errors with non-integer grid bug minor git (not yet released)
#8624 Draggable: Dragging with modifier key in IE8 selects contents bug minor 1.8.24
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