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#3730 Sortable: Use $.widget.prototype._trigger bug blocker 1.6rc4 duplicate
#3749 Sortable: Specifications needed bug blocker 1.6rc4 duplicate
#3106 Sortable: serialize throws error if sortable contains tabs. kape bug major 1.5.1 invalid
#3873 Sortable: not working in IE when elements contain applets bug major 1.6rc5 wontfix
#3880 Sortable: first drag of sortable item in IE 6 needs to be on text of element bug major 1.6rc5 wontfix
#4231 Sortable: not working if scrollbar on page (and scrolled down (once?)) Jörn Zaefferer bug major 1.5.2 worksforme
#4253 Sortable: ui.helper is null when receiving a draggable clone bug major 1.6rc6 duplicate
#4314 Sortable: DOM height() not calculated properly after updating, while dragging tehmeph bug major 1.7 invalid
#4390 Included sortables. Bug with elements positions in IE7. bug major 1.7.1 worksforme
#4435 sortable 'ul' with relative 'li' position in Opera < 10.60 rdworth bug major 1.7.1 wontfix
#4482 Sortable: Placeholder height not being calculated/applied properly in IE7/6 bug major 1.7.1 patcheswelcome
#4557 Position of the helper is wrong bug major 1.7 duplicate
#4573 Sortable: div elements disappears during drag in IE7 bug major 1.7.1 patcheswelcome
#4792 Sorting - adding left: top: css propertyes bug major 1.7.2 worksforme
#4802 Sortable: jump when moving element ben_cms bug major 1.7.2 invalid
#4872 Sortable update callback fires twice if connectWith is on bug major 1.7.2 notabug
#4904 Sortable: Error "this.helper.0 is null or not an object" when dropping object bug major 1.7.2 worksforme
#4920 Sortable works incorrect if contains divs with style "float" bug major 1.7.2 wontfix
#4926 Sortable: Nested Sortables disappear w/ Position Relative in IE7 bug major 1.7.2 patcheswelcome
#4946 Portlets prefer to go where they were taken from, rather than where they are being dragged. ramblinman bug major 1.7.2 invalid
#4958 Nested List Sorting connectWith Not Working bug major 1.7.2 worksforme
#5012 sortable in "overflow: auto;" block won't refresh connectedList's cached position othree bug major 1.7.2 invalid
#5068 Sortable: drag doesn't work with flash inside the container bug major 1.7.1 duplicate
#5197 Sortable: using a large or complex placeholder in IE8 causes drag to stop prematurely bug major 1.7.2 wontfix
#5322 Sortable: helper position is messed up when axis is used paul bug major 1.7.2 invalid
#5355 cssPosition in sortable Rwhitbeck bug major 1.8rc3 invalid
#5470 Double click sortable -- chrome [duplicate of #5004] bug major 1.8 worksforme
#5483 Links in sortable dont work in firefox for linux Ehsan bug major 1.8 invalid
#5521 ui.sender not correct durring connected drags TrailTrackers bug major 1.8 invalid
#5575 Sortable: iFrame reloads on move bug major 1.8 cantfix
#5671 Sortable: out and over issues bug major 1.9.1 fixed
#5681 sortable is extremely slow in ie8 in some cases bug major 1.8.1 worksforme
#5749 Delay error in Chrome bug major 1.8.2 worksforme
#5773 Sortable causing checkbox state to stick in IE8 bug major 1.8.2 worksforme
#5926 Sortable: Relatively positioned elements disappear after sort in IE7 bug major 1.8.4 wontfix
#5959 "offsetParent[0] is undefined" error in sortable kamity bug major 1.8.4 invalid
#5977 jQuery UI Sorting Freezes WYSIWYG Editors PF1 bug major 1.8.4 invalid
#6049 Link in sortable (portlets) - IE8 bug major 1.8.4 worksforme
#3097 a sortable list in a dragable block doesn't work feature minor 1.5.1 worksforme
#3655 Sortable: Connected sortable intersection detection issues wundbread bug minor 1.6rc2 invalid
#4305 Sortable: Revert placeholder calcing position Zebulon bug minor 1.7 invalid
#4335 Sortable forcePlaceholderSize has no effect in Internet Explorer bug minor 1.7 worksforme
#4361 IE7 stops anti-aliasing when sorting stops if revert=false and opacity is used bug minor 1.7 wontfix
#4425 Sortable: Connecting a Sortable via tabs fails when using a sortable(helper: function(...){...}) lathan bug minor 1.7.1 notabug
#4429 Can't select text in inputs within sortables bug minor 1.7.1 notabug
#4477 Sorting works improperly mg bug minor 1.7.1 invalid
#4499 Sortable : IE Bug (filter property affects overflow on sortable item) bug minor 1.7.1 wontfix
#4508 Sortable grid vertical cursor position issues RowanBeentje bug minor 1.7.1 invalid
#4526 There is a bug with canvas bug minor 1.7.1 notabug
#4531 e.originalTarget not set for WebKit and Opera on start/stop handlers bug minor 1.7.1 wontfix
#4579 Sortable: Connected sortables with helpers overrides style sheet display values bug minor 1.7.2 notabug
#4703 Sortable: nested sortables sometimes allow recursive drops kae bug minor 1.7.2 worksforme
#4729 [sortable] Nested li problem IE8 > ticket 4703 bug minor 1.7.2 duplicate
#4740 nested sortables creates multiple placeholders in IE bug minor 1.7.2 worksforme
#4741 placeholder flickers between nested levels bug minor 1.7.2 duplicate
#4746 "stop" draggable event never gets called in safari bug minor 1.7.2 worksforme
#4812 Sortable: Text wraps when added to tabs that have subpixel widths bug minor 1.7.2 duplicate
#4825 sortable doesnt handle td/th elements correctly bug minor 1.7.2 worksforme
#4858 Sortable + revert + IE6 + scrollbar = weird behaviour bug minor 1.7.2 wontfix
#4871 ahref link click first href bug minor 1.7.2 worksforme
#4875 Sortable: fails if li element has overflow set to auto bug minor 1.7.2 wontfix
#4909 Nested Sortable Serialize feature minor 1.7.2 duplicate
#4953 Sortable supressing first click after sort on IE bug minor 1.7.2 worksforme
#4993 ui.sortable option helper (clone) doesn't work bug minor 1.7.2 worksforme
#5018 Bug in Internet Explorer 8 when sorting list in a list AD1ctive bug minor 1.7.2 invalid
#5040 Safari jQuery UI sortable loses behavior when showing/hiding container elements bug minor 1.7.2 worksforme
#5048 Sortable: Dragging SWFs causes the SWFs to be re-created bug minor 1.7.2 patcheswelcome
#5090 Sortable under Sortable - Display error on IE. Blunk bug minor 1.7.2 invalid
#5450 Cannot drop items onto a empty list for connected sortable list inside a overflowing div bug minor 1.8 worksforme
#5507 IE8 bug -> jqueryUI1.8, Sortable -> Portlets bug minor 1.8 worksforme
#5564 Unable to remove() ui.draggable (sortable item) immediately after the drop callback. bug minor 1.8 worksforme
#5620 Sortable along y-axis with parent containment fails to put large item at the bottom of list when dragging bug minor 1.8.1 wontfix
#5656 peculiarity with right-aligned sortable items fajeuqwrhf bug minor 1.8.1 invalid
#5853 dragging li between nested ul in IE behave unlike FF bug minor 1.8.2 worksforme
#5881 UI.Sortable require item position refresh when scroll tobias.istvan bug minor 1.8.2 notabug
#5890 Sortable:sortout fires on sortstart and sortstop too bug minor 1.8.2 duplicate
#5949 Sortable: option handle is broken, fix proposed jnelson bug minor 1.8.4 notabug
#6032 sortable table bug in Webkit (Safari/Chrome) - Mac bug minor 1.8.4 worksforme
#6208 Sortable: CSS Content Inside Drag LI aamirrajpoot bug minor 1.8.5 invalid
#6240 Sortable placeholder when dragging a connected element avsomeren bug minor 1.8.4 invalid
#6260 Containment "parent" stops working with sortable tables kmb bug minor 1.8.6 worksforme
#6660 Connected lists ignore hidden overflow shaun bug minor 1.8.6 worksforme
#6818 _removeCurrentsFromItems modifies a list it is iterating over with a for(i=0...) style loop bug minor 1.8.7 notabug
#6906 z-index issue in IE6/IE7 with floated sortable bug minor 1.8.7 worksforme
#6921 Sortable: JS errors when using toleranceElement danimal bug minor 1.8.9 invalid
#6942 Sortable has glitches when working with elements that are "display: inline-block" bug minor 1.8.9 worksforme
#6951 Inline script executing on FIRST drop. bug minor 1.8.7 wontfix
#6958 Sortable gets confused if you have matching elements with display: none neilbowers bug minor 1.8.9 notabug
#6962 jQuery UI sortable doesn't sort when it's handle is outside the container element bug minor 1.8.9 worksforme
#6985 Sorting Plugin IE bug vstyle bug minor 1.8.8 invalid
#7033 Sortable: Scroll Offset Issue AKotawala bug minor 1.8.9 invalid
#7050 Upgrading to jquery 1.5.1 causes IE8 to fail bug minor 1.8.9 wontfix
#7052 Sortable: dragged element disappears (or shifts) if height: auto; in IE orolo bug minor 1.8.10 invalid
#7075 Firefox is very slow with very big sortable lists larz bug minor 1.8.10 invalid
#7121 Sortable: Document and support the object version of the placeholder option feature minor 1.8.10 wontfix
#7262 Webkit bug: sortable table cells do not return into the right positions after sorting krasu-desu bug minor 1.8.9 invalid
#7407 Cancel and event queue interact badly on IE jdmarshall bug minor 1.8.13 invalid
#7413 Sortable: .sortable('toArray') has trailing empty entry in IE8 jdk bug minor 1.8.12 invalid
#7443 Issue using sortable on an element with a border (FF only) jranck bug minor 1.8.13 invalid
#7447 Sortable triggers click bakaburg1 bug minor 1.8.13 invalid
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