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#11286 Slider: Cannot reach max value with step of 0.01 bug blocker ui.slider 1.11.3
#4666 Resizable: alsoResize affects only the first element in jQuery object bug major ui.resizable 1.7.2
#7498 Sortable: Floating detection only occurs during initialization feature minor ui.sortable 1.8.13
#8740 Tooltip: Does not hide consistently with dynamically loaded content [email protected] bug minor ui.tooltip 1.9.1
#9264 Accordion: heightStyle: 'auto' has problems with parent div width and box-sizing bug minor ui.accordion 1.10.2
#9353 Sortable: Connected Vertical and Horizontal Sortables bug minor ui.sortable 1.10.3
#9658 Resizable: Custom handles outside the resizable element don't work patrixd bug minor ui.resizable 1.10.3
#10669 Draggable: Position issue with connectToSortable bug minor ui.draggable 1.11.2
#10682 Sortable: placeholder for sortable tbody elements is not visible bug minor ui.sortable 1.11.2
#11125 Dialog: Memory leak when destroying widgets that wrap their elements bug minor ui.dialog 1.11.3
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