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#2945 sortable element disappear after drag and double click paul bug minor ui.sortable 1.5rc1
#2950 Draggables (functional demo): With revert option helper is positioned incorrectly paul bug major ui.draggable 1.5
#2952 Slide up/down in IE7 bug major ui.effects.* (individual effect) 1.5
#2998 Problem with showOn: 'button' in Internet Explorer 6 and 7 grabanski bug major ui.datepicker 1.5
#3002 ui.absolutePosition not updated when snapping is enabled paul bug minor ui.draggable 1.5
#3012 Dialog causing iframe load event to fire in firefox 2 rdworth bug major ui.core 1.5
#3014 Overlay Not Destroyed on Close Scott González bug minor ui.dialog 1.5
#3029 blue dot on ui-slider (Firefox 3) paul bug minor ui.slider 1.5
#3033 firstDay for swedish locale grabanski bug minor ui.datepicker 1.5
#3035 Tabs: dispatched events have incorrect parameters Scott González bug major ui.tabs 1.5.1
#3036 Accordion: dispatched events have incorrect parameters Scott González bug major ui.accordion 1.5.1
#3037 Safari 3.1.1 $jq.remove() losing select options paul bug critical ui.core 1.5.1
#3041 catalan localisation. grabanski bug minor ui.datepicker 1.5.1
#3047 DatePicker in UI 1.5.1 does not cancel button click kbwood bug critical ui.core 1.5.1
#3059 cannot select text in dialog content rdworth bug critical ui.dialog 1.5.1
#3061 dialog buttons not visible without a theme file rdworth bug major ui.dialog 1.5.1
#3063 Binding handler to 'tabsselect': ui undefined klaus.hartl bug major ui.tabs 1.5.1
#3066 Wrong cursor in dialog title when draggable is false Scott González bug minor ui.dialog 1.5.1
#3070 dialog no longer leaves room for button pane Scott González bug major ui.dialog 1.5.1
#3072 Bug in jQuery datepicker grabanski bug major ui.datepicker 1.5.1
#3074 Resizable jumps when in scrolled container. eduardo bug minor ui.resizable 1.5.1
#3611 Animation clears radio button's CHECKED attribute in IE bug major ui.effects.core 1.5.2
#2044 datepicker to support date formats grabanski feature major ui.datepicker 1.5b4
#2436 Add an event to the droppable system. jeffkretz feature major ui.droppable 1.5b4
#2538 UI.datepicker custom cell renderer grabanski feature major ui.datepicker 1.5b4
#2545 [UI] ui parameter in callbacks/events should be consistent Scott González feature major ui.core 1.5b4
#2728 Make activate() in ui.dialog, public. rdworth feature major ui.dialog 1.5b4
#2729 Add a hook in sortables to generate the list of sortables paul enhancement major ui.sortable 1.5b4
#2854 ui-slider: Allow cursor to be changed while dragging slider paul enhancement major ui.slider 1.5b4
#2914 Draggable: make revert a method paul enhancement minor ui.draggable 1.5b4
#2922 Draggable: revert on fail paul enhancement minor ui.draggable 1.5b4
#2949 Slider handle focus border paul enhancement minor ui.core 1.5
#2971 UI components should have shared elements paul enhancement major ui.core
#2978 animation in Slider paul enhancement minor ui.slider 1.5
#3005 effects.scale: Enable option "to". aaron enhancement major ui.effects.* (individual effect) 1.5
#3050 duration or speed grabanski enhancement minor ui.datepicker 1.5.1
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