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#4333 Nested draggables problem in IE bug major ui.draggable 1.7
#6966 Pressing ESC on dialog when 2 dialogs are open closes both dialogs bug minor ui.dialog 1.8.9
#7071 [bug in ie]: Nested sortable divs can't be dragged correctly bug minor ui.sortable 1.8.10
#7620 Mouse: Error in IE 8 with disabled inputs bug minor ui.mouse 1.8.10
#7510 throws a script error in certain circumstances. bug minor ui.widget 1.8.12
#7530 Droppable fails on a.element.parentsuntil in version 1.8.14 bug blocker ui.droppable 1.8.14
#7534 Button label selector omits quotes / fails for ids with ":" bug minor ui.button 1.8.14
#7595 Wrapper-creating jquery-ui animations will discard any focus state during the animation bug minor ui.effects.core 1.8.14
#7602 Ability to stop datepicker from appearing with beforeShow event handler enhancement minor ui.datepicker 1.8.15
#7616 XSS scott_gonzalez bug minor [meta] 1.8.15
#7618 Datepicker: onSelect triggered too often bug minor ui.datepicker 1.8.15
#7629 Datepicker: "Maximum call stack size exceeded" when selecting date in range demo bug minor ui.datepicker 1.8.15
#7632 Draggable: iframeFix always runs with old versions of jQuery bug minor ui.draggable 1.8.15
#7695 Wrong jquery in 'smoothness' zip file pn2865 bug blocker [meta] 1.8.16
#7910 First handle in slider range cannot be moved with keyboard bug minor [meta] ui.demos 1.8.16
#7944 Slider: IE6-8 cannot animate slider handle between 0% and 100% bug minor ui.slider 1.8.16
#7949 Downloaded zip will not upen jquery-infrastructure bug minor [meta] ui.downloadbuilder 1.8.16
#8108 Slider: value goes below min in Firefox 10 bug major ui.slider 1.8.16
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