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#2942 ui Accordion testing Safari and Firefox Jörn Zaefferer bug major ui.accordion 1.5rc1
#3554 Accordion animation no right in Firefox Jörn Zaefferer bug minor ui.accordion 1.5.2
#3920 accordion on table breaks $.before function in FireFox bug major ui.accordion 1.5.2
#4024 Accordian Keyboard navigation :focus not styled enhancement minor ui.accordion 1.6rc6
#4208 ui.accordion overflows over it's container when one of its divisions has a scroll bar bug minor ui.accordion 1.6rc6
#4293 Ctrl + Click on selected list item does not deselect bug major ui.selectable 1.7
#4468 Accordion: example markup doesn't work bug minor ui.accordion 1.7.1
#4470 Accordion: .ui-accordion-content-active class not removed from hidden section bug minor ui.accordion 1.7.1
#4548 [accordion] "activate:-1" fails in IE bug major ui.accordion 1.7.1
#4618 When options collapsible:true Getter active returns inital active index or null bug minor ui.accordion 1.7.2
#4695 Accordion issue (and fix) with fillSpace:true bug major ui.accordion 1.7.2
#4761 selectable css hardcoded enhancement major ui.selectable 1.7.2
#4780 Accordion: text doesn't wrap around a floated linked image in IE bug major ui.accordion 1.7.2
#4874 When using autoHeight option accordion determines height before applying styles bug minor ui.accordion 1.7.1
#4876 Accordion error in IE7 bug critical ui.accordion 1.7.2
#4935 AutoHeight in IE6 and Links bug minor ui.accordion 1.7.2
#4959 accordion navigation failed to find header from a deeply located element bug minor ui.accordion 1.7.2
#4962 Accordion option, set animated true causes JavaScript error bug critical ui.accordion 1.7.2
#5171 No clear message as to which jQuery Version goes with which jQueryUI version enhancement major [meta] 1.7.2
#5398 Remote-with-cache demo does not break if (cache.term == request.term) but executes another request bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.8
#5405 Autocomplete: select event not triggered when mousedown duration > blur timeout bug critical ui.autocomplete 1.8.1
#5415 Catch all common keys while typing a word enhancement minor ui.autocomplete 1.8
#5522 Wrong date format for polish regional bug minor ui.datepicker 1.8
#5529 Build Your Download - Mouse is missing for Slider bug minor [meta] ui.downloadbuilder 1.8
#5536 Mission semicolon on line 5368 bug minor ui.button 1.8
#5542 Add keyCodes for command buttons enhancement minor ui.core 1.8
#5544 ui-datepicker-div display: block not firing at all bug major ui.datepicker 1.8
#5557 Comparing element.nodeName directly against upper case tag names can cause problems bug minor ui.accordion 1.8
#5562 Update Effects/Hide Demo Rwhitbeck bug minor [meta] ui.demos 1.8
#5567 button text, hide then show again bug minor ui.button 1.8
#5573 Ctrl + Click selectable() still doesn't deselect... bug major ui.selectable 1.8
#5576 invalid increment operand bug blocker [meta] 1.8.1
#5581 _setOption being called with 'self' rather than 'this' bug blocker ui.sortable 1.8.1
#5583 Slider displays negative fractional values incorrectly bug critical ui.slider 1.8.1
#5590 Selectable: documentation of event types is incorrect bug minor ui.selectable 1.8.1
#5591 Slider: can go outside min and max with keyboard bug minor ui.slider 1.8.1
#5596 Possible bug in datepicker download. bug minor ui.datepicker 1.8.1
#5600 Datepicker localization SK bug trivial ui.datepicker 1.8.1
#5607 Selectable has helper css hardcoded in JS bug major ui.selectable 1.8.1
#5609 Datepicker: change default opening animation to fadeIn bug minor ui.datepicker 1.8.1
#5610 Autocomplete: Clicking scrollbar closes menu bug critical ui.autocomplete 1.8.1
#5618 Error in Jquery Widget example under UI Developer Docs bug minor [meta] 1.8.1
#5621 function _setOption uses self instead of this bug major ui.sortable 1.8.1
#5627 Clicking close to right edge of the dropdown does not trigger a select bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.8.1
#5628 Download builder: missing icon in theme folders - ui-anim_basic_16x16.gif bug blocker [meta] ui.downloadbuilder 1.8.1
#5636 Load ui.position before ui.core couse ui.core not execute bug minor ui.core 1.8.1
#5638 Download builder: theme missing new file jquery.ui.selectable.css on 1.8.2 jdsharp bug blocker [meta] ui.downloadbuilder 1.8.1
#5660 Clicking slowly doesn't trigger select event bug critical ui.autocomplete 1.8.1
#5880 IE8 Issue with prototype and dialog modal box bug major ui.dialog 1.8.2
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