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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#5017 UI Resizable does not work with Table on Mozilla browsers bug minor ui.resizable 1.7.2
#5881 UI.Sortable require item position refresh when scroll tobias.istvan bug minor ui.sortable 1.8.2
#5564 Unable to remove() ui.draggable (sortable item) immediately after the drop callback. bug minor ui.sortable 1.8
#7050 Upgrading to jquery 1.5.1 causes IE8 to fail bug minor ui.sortable 1.8.9
#7604 Using sortable together with a click handler does not work in Safari bug minor ui.sortable 1.8.14
#4571 Webkit Draggable/Droppable bug major ui.droppable 1.7.1
#4742 Webkit browsers (safari + chrome) can't do delayed draggable bug minor ui.draggable 1.7.2
#7262 Webkit bug: sortable table cells do not return into the right positions after sorting krasu-desu bug minor ui.sortable 1.8.9
#7448 When draggable "stop" method calls an animation's "stop" method, an infinite error message occurs. bug minor ui.draggable 1.8.13
#4188 Widget: Huge memory leaks for all widgets in IE bug major ui.widget 1.6rc6
#4729 [sortable] Nested li problem IE8 > ticket 4703 bug minor ui.sortable 1.7.2
#6818 _removeCurrentsFromItems modifies a list it is iterating over with a for(i=0...) style loop bug minor ui.sortable 1.8.7
#3097 a sortable list in a dragable block doesn't work feature minor ui.sortable 1.5.1
#5049 a(this).data("draggable") is undefined bug minor ui.draggable 1.7.2
#7547 absolute element in second containment can't be resized vertically bug minor ui.resizable 1.8.14
#4871 ahref link click first href bug minor ui.sortable 1.7.2
#7400 buf library resizable blashak bug minor ui.resizable 1.8.13
#4725 cannot deselect selectable on firefox 3.0.12/mac os x bug minor ui.selectable 1.7.2
#5208 cannot set the aspectRatio to or from false after init bug minor ui.resizable 1.7.2
#5019 connectToSortable fails if sortable is applied before element was appended to document bug minor ui.draggable 1.7.2
#3739 connectToSortable now fails if argument is string bug major ui.draggable 1.6rc4
#5355 cssPosition in sortable Rwhitbeck bug major ui.sortable 1.8rc3
#3575 draggable behaviour with flash appearing broken under Safari paul bug minor ui.draggable 1.6rc2
#7935 draggable() + scroll in chrome bug minor ui.draggable 1.8.16
#3715 draggable: cursorAt could use an animation feature minor ui.draggable 1.6rc2
#5853 dragging li between nested ul in IE behave unlike FF bug minor ui.sortable 1.8.2
#4494 droppable("disable") behaves differently in Google Chrome than other browsers sgraffite bug minor ui.droppable 1.7.1
#4531 e.originalTarget not set for WebKit and Opera on start/stop handlers bug minor ui.sortable 1.7.1
#3776 ghost resizable doesn't properly display decreasing resizable bug minor ui.resizable 1.6rc4
#4295 handles:{"e,n"} in ie6 doesn't work bug major ui.resizable 1.7
#5407 helper text in draggable gets small in IE edwinboersma bug minor ui.draggable 1.8
#8407 horizontal scrolling shifts inline-block elements down bug minor ui.sortable 1.8.21
#8564 jQuery 1.8+ breaks sortable list scrolling inside absolute positioned element with bottom: 0 ryfry07 bug minor ui.sortable 1.8.23
#6207 jQuery UI Resizable 1.8.4 _mouseStop gets wrong left, top-values in safari tomcatharry bug minor ui.resizable 1.8.4
#5977 jQuery UI Sorting Freezes WYSIWYG Editors PF1 bug major ui.sortable 1.8.4
#6962 jQuery UI sortable doesn't sort when it's handle is outside the container element bug minor ui.sortable 1.8.9
#4460 memory leak in ie 6.0.2800 bug major ui.draggable 1.7.1
#7519 mouseup pb with IE9 PIR2 bug minor ui.resizable 1.8.14
#7720 moving large widgets over small droppable area Oleh bug minor ui.sortable 1.8.16
#4740 nested sortables creates multiple placeholders in IE bug minor ui.sortable 1.7.2
#5656 peculiarity with right-aligned sortable items fajeuqwrhf bug minor ui.sortable 1.8.1
#4741 placeholder flickers between nested levels bug minor ui.sortable 1.7.2
#6664 problem add one draggable to many containers bug minor ui.draggable 1.8.6
#5504 resizable + margin not working diou bug major ui.resizable 1.8
#6134 resizable and containment loti bug minor ui.resizable 1.8.5
#5499 resizable breaks option selected values in <select> tinu8805 bug major ui.resizable 1.8
#8604 resizable inside resizable object bug minor ui.resizable 1.8.23
#5231 resizable: shrinks a little when starting to resize slowly in IE8 garcia.narbona bug major ui.resizable 1.8rc2
#5116 resizing div makes another div jump in ie6 bug minor ui.resizable 1.8rc1
#4435 sortable 'ul' with relative 'li' position in Opera < 10.60 rdworth bug major ui.sortable 1.7.1
#8436 sortable doesn't play well with IE7 and radio or checkboxes inputs rosenfeld bug minor ui.sortable 1.8.21
#4825 sortable doesnt handle td/th elements correctly bug minor ui.sortable 1.7.2
#5012 sortable in "overflow: auto;" block won't refresh connectedList's cached position othree bug major ui.sortable 1.7.2
#5681 sortable is extremely slow in ie8 in some cases bug major ui.sortable 1.8.1
#8073 sortable position error in ie6 bug minor ui.sortable 1.8.17
#6032 sortable table bug in Webkit (Safari/Chrome) - Mac bug minor ui.sortable 1.8.4
#8197 start drag fails in ie7+8 when started on a element and distance set immoserver bug minor ui.sortable 1.8.18
#7640 ui.helper is null when using sortable cancel bug minor ui.sortable 1.8.15
#6960 ui.mouse - scrollbar buttons do not indent in firefox bug minor ui.mouse 1.8.9
#5521 ui.sender not correct durring connected drags TrailTrackers bug major ui.sortable 1.8
#4993 ui.sortable option helper (clone) doesn't work bug minor ui.sortable 1.7.2
#4218 using draggable after animate in ems not working inside elements with overflow scroll Sam Hasler bug minor ui.draggable 1.6rc6
#4346 west handle on right-floated resizable is changing the left margin instead of just the width bug minor ui.resizable 1.7
#6906 z-index issue in IE6/IE7 with floated sortable bug minor ui.sortable 1.8.7

Status: open (36 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#3276 "AlsoResize" should be relative to this.element eduardo bug minor ui.resizable 1.6b
#4026 Allow for Shift+Click for multiple Selections feature minor ui.selectable 1.6rc6
#5795 Allow sortable to reorder items when dragged outside of container feature minor ui.sortable 1.8.2
#7769 An option needed to enable multiple selection by default. feature minor ui.selectable 1.8.16
#7756 Core: Remove .disableSelection() and .enableSelection() feature blocker ui.core 1.8.16
#8384 Draggable+Sortable: make what is inserted configurable feature minor ui.draggable 1.8.21
#5190 Draggable: Performance problems due to css calculations feature minor ui.draggable 1.7.2
#4911 Draggable: Add a refresh method feature major ui.draggable 1.7.2
#8286 Draggable: Dragged element mouse offset is incorrect when document flow changes bug minor ui.draggable 1.8.19
#8624 Draggable: Dragging with modifier key in IE8 selects contents bug minor ui.draggable 1.8.24
#7853 Draggable: cloned helper of different dimensions than original not dragged by click point bug minor ui.draggable 1.8.16
#7091 Droppable: Allow droppables to become visible and active during drag start feature minor ui.droppable 1.8.10
#8437 Droppable: Destroying draggable inside drop callback throws TypeError bug minor ui.droppable 1.8.21
#4737 Droppable: Expose hash for each tolerance mode feature minor ui.droppable 1.7.2
#8946 Droppable: Tolerance checking incorrectly includes margins bug minor ui.droppable 1.9.2
#4933 Droppable: ability to have drop event fire once for overlapping droppable zones feature minor ui.droppable 1.7.2
#8046 Droppable: does not get deactivated if the drop event modifies the element so it no longer passes the "accept" option bug minor ui.droppable 1.8.17
#6259 Droppable: drop event incorrectly triggered when dragging a draggable over a droppable onto a sortable bug minor ui.droppable 1.8.6
#5943 Droppable: ui.intersect() should check the "visible" dimensions of droppable bug major ui.droppable 1.8.4
#8135 Horizontal sortable shifts causes elements to shift down bug minor ui.sortable 1.8.17
#3011 Interactions should support bottom and right positioning feature major ui.mouse 1.5
#4143 Interactions: Support Pointer Events feature major ui.mouse 1.6rc6
#7971 Keyboard controls feature minor ui.draggable 1.8.16
#6004 Mouse: Automatically cover iframes on mouse start feature major ui.mouse 1.8.4
#6909 Mouse: dragging on right click [email protected] feature minor ui.mouse 1.8.9
#8441 Programmatically trigger drag start on sortables feature minor ui.sortable 1.8.21
#2421 Resizable breaks with %-based positioning but works with pixel-based positioning feature minor ui.resizable 1.5b4
#4585 Resizable: Absolutely positioned resizable containment does not work when the absolute position is not relative to the containment element bug minor ui.resizable 1.7.2
#7878 Resizable: Add option for setting the resize center feature minor ui.resizable 1.8.16
#8044 Resizable: Bug using helper and containment on an absolutely positioned element bug minor ui.resizable 1.8.17
#3176 Resizable: Buggy behavior when trying to make an iframe resizable bug major ui.resizable 1.5.2
#4286 Resizable: Containment issue with offset grid dimensions bug major ui.resizable 1.7
#8344 Resizable: Destroy function removing ui-resizable-handle from inner containers bug minor ui.resizable 1.8.20
#4440 Resizable: Doesn't render nicely for textarea fields bug minor ui.resizable 1.7.1
#5426 Resizable: Expose an API for programatically triggering a resize feature minor ui.resizable 1.8
#3719 Resizable: Ghost option does not show right or bottom borders bug minor ui.resizable 1.6rc2
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