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#9645 autocomplete (autocomplete.js) view broken mvp bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.9.1
#9651 New option to set limit on items displayed feature minor ui.core 1.10.3
#9652 Add ability to define slider handle element type feature minor ui.slider 1.10.3
#9653 user agent :focus style breaks tab metaphor bug minor ui.tabs 1.10.3
#9655 Droppable: Tolerance doesn't take draggable's axis into account joshgreifer bug minor ui.droppable 1.10.3
#9659 Modal dialog - overlay fail in 1.10.3 g0G3t4 bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9660 $.datepicker.formatDate() gives the wrong day of the month moazzamk bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.3
#9661 Widget Factory _on() could make it easier to apply multiple handlers feature minor ui.widget 1.10.3
#9662 The .position() method will cause flickering in Chrome. ezzxki bug minor ui.position 1.10.3
#9663 MVC 4 with jquey ui js files bug minor ui.core 1.8.2
#9666 dialog button don't work in Ajax by IE8 bug minor ui.button 1.10.3
#9667 Resizable with helper loses 1px bug minor ui.resizable 1.10.3
#9668 jquery.tablesorter.min.js is not working fine bug minor ui.accordion 1.10.3
#9669 Page is not refreshing in IE bug minor ui.accordion 1.10.3
#9670 Modal dialog enhancement to prevent scrolling of parent window feature minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9672 resizable handle glyph only supports SE corner feature minor ui.resizable 1.10.3
#9673 resizable handle alignment feature minor ui.resizable 1.10.3
#9674 (resizable) alsoResize will also resize height when you only have a east handle rene___ bug minor ui.resizable 1.10.3
#9677 Overlapping menu issue Sebastien_TraceParts bug minor ui.core 1.10.3
#9680 position.collision 'flip' does not work with autocomplete romario333 bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.10.3
#9682 JQury ui 1.10.3 Memory leak with ie7 bug minor ui.core 1.10.3
#9683 Themeroller does not produce a working theme bug minor [meta] 1.10.3
#9684 On body:overflow:auto, Chrome scrolls down automatically for long sortable lists muisit bug minor ui.core 1.10.3
#9685 draggable goes out of containment, a few pixels in each drag bug minor ui.draggable 1.10.3
#9686 Resizeable UI causes page reload emmett bug minor ui.resizable 1.10.3
#9687 jquery-dialog when parent has a scrolltop offset - jumps away in IE10 & FF bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9688 No event when date is changed by restrictMinMax bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.0
#9689 Entering unusual date format and hitting enter in datepicker results in today's date bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.3
#9690 .ui-effects-wrapper doesn't mimic the style of the wrapped element bug minor ui.effects.core 1.10.3
#9691 Dialog: Not showing in chrome/firefox fullscreen mode dave bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9692 jquery UI firefox only bug with dialog window position when dragged and window scrolled bug minor ui.core 1.10.3
#9694 Prevent focus of disabled item with keyboard navigation bug minor 1.10.3
#9695 Autocomplete: should not allow to select a disabled item of its menu with the ENTER key paftek75 bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.10.3
#9697 Autocomplete problem with CJK IME golbin bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.10.3
#9698 jquery dialog iframe reload bug bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9699 Dialog position offsets during drag on Firefox bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9700 Dialog: Enter key does not submit form in IE8 with more then one input field and submit input bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9702 Draggable the element goes back to a bad position with revert and grid enabled bug minor ui.draggable 1.10.3
#9704 Back button (history) broken for tabs with 1.10.3 cwant bug minor ui.tabs 1.10.3
#9705 Jquery UI slider cannot be dragged using JQuery 1.8.2 with JQuery UI 1.10.3 in IE leotanty bug minor ui.slider 1.10.3
#9706 appendTo not working with close event bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9707 No possibility to disable caching in autocomplete feature minor ui.autocomplete 1.10.3
#9712 Jquery UI Tabs not working if setting base href in the head (all vers). bug minor ui.tabs 1.10.3
#9713 the style of jqueryui.dialog is corrupt under IE6 bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9714 Infinite focus/blur loop when clicking on auto selectable input which is above a modal Petah bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9716 datepicker no option is set by default date format bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.3
#9717 over/out events do not get triggered if connectWith is set and two+ sortables exist... (1.10.3) bug minor ui.sortable 1.10.3
#9719 Tooltip: Disabling twice permanently removes tooltip bug minor ui.tooltip 1.10.3
#9720 hope ui-icons image position at 0px 0x can keep empty, move .ui-icon-carat-1-n to other position feature minor ui.core 1.10.3
#9722 Resizable replaces original positional values bug minor ui.resizable 1.10.3
#9723 Draggable: margin should not be used in containment calculation luqita bug minor ui.draggable 1.10.3
#9725 Changing Focus on dialogs will cause a div scroll bar to scroll to the top position bug minor ui.core 1.10.3
#9726 jquery ui autocomplete appearing and disappearing on IE 9 v 22/20 bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.8.10
#9727 Sortable: .cancel() ignores comment nodes (causes problems with AngularJS) egrajeda bug minor ui.sortable 1.10.3
#9728 Slider: Scroll Demo - screwed up on window resize bug minor ui.slider 1.10.3
#9729 The dialog downward shift when dragging liuchenya bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9730 when triggered drop and greedy = true, if DOM changed, drop event occurs again to others trasyia bug minor ui.droppable 1.10.3
#9731 Multiple tooltips are shown bug minor ui.tooltip 1.9.2
#9732 Sortable: draggable to sortable over event not firing with multiple sortables bug minor ui.sortable 1.10.3
#9734 tooltip shown as multiple lines when scrolled horizontally. Arthur Liu bug minor ui.tooltip 1.10.3
#9736 the dialog box gets pushed down when dragging it bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9738 Sortable: Remove event object doesn't contain sender when moving an item between connected sortables bug minor ui.sortable 1.10.3
#9740 Autocomplete doesn't keep its internal state consistent with jQuery val calls bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.10.3
#9741 datepicker changeMonth and changeYear dropdown not working in bootstrap modal in FireFox bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.2
#9742 [Combobox][IE10+] autocomplete listing cannot be opened with large data bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.10.3
#9745 Item dragged below last row of floated items doesn't append to end of list muglug bug minor ui.sortable 1.10.4
#9753 multi handle slider bug trivender bug minor ui.slider 1.10.4
#9754 menubar css dependency on ui-button should be removed. feature minor 1.9.1
#9756 Sortable: Allow calling refresh during drag NiGhTTraX feature minor ui.sortable 1.10.4
#9758 Droppable: over/out events not being sent with overlapping elements benth bug minor ui.droppable git (not yet released)
#9761 Can't bind on events in a plugin that extends sortable bug minor ui.sortable 1.10.4
#9763 Dialog jumps outside the window, when I try to move it bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9765 Draggable: not following mouse when helper set to clone with scrollbar ItsVicc bug minor ui.draggable 1.10.3
#9767 v 1.10.2+ Problem with input fields on jqgrid dialogs bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.2
#9769 Mouse scroll problem in changeYear list fedek6 bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.4
#9772 Auto width in dialogs does not take the length of the title into consideration bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.3
#9773 jQuery UI Sortable Placeholder appears off-by-one when dragging from connected sortable bug minor ui.sortable 1.10.2
#9774 JQuery UI Resizable snap to element feature minor ui.resizable 1.10.4
#9776 Resizable: can be moved when grid option is set zvesp bug minor ui.resizable 1.10.0
#9784 .resisable does not keep correct ratio when using "e" handle realtek bug minor ui.core 1.10.4
#9787 Tabs: Not Working in iframes in IE7 bug minor ui.tabs 1.10.4
#9788 Date picker swapping month and day for Canada users gudikavitha bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.4
#9791 smoothness theme problem with 1.10.4 bug minor ui.core 1.10.4
#9794 Spinner: Cannot create on <input>s not in the DOM bug minor ui.spinner 1.10.4
#9796 Autocomplete: Search triggered on initialization if input contains an umlaute bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.10.4
#9797 CSS overflow causes jQuery UI Position to be off by a noticeable amount of pixels. cesar.rojas bug minor ui.position 1.10.4
#9802 slider cursor may never be released bug minor ui.core 1.10.4
#9803 TypeError: L'objet ne gère pas la propriété ou la méthode "button" tse_jc bug minor ui.tooltip 1.10.4
#9807 Draggable dialog box jumps when dragged in Chrome bug minor ui.draggable 1.10.4
#9809 UI draggable with body.overflow-y:scroll in Chrome Clarkk bug minor ui.draggable 1.10.4
#9810 _formatDate function returns invalid Date object when called from within _setDate function rohel bug minor ui.datepicker 1.10.3
#9813 Item remains sortable if even its class changes to no longer match the `items` selector options bug minor ui.sortable 1.10.4
#9816 [IE9] IE9 crash with dialog and hide() bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.4
#9817 Accordian modifying embeded script tag gets modified ti an accordian header bug minor ui.accordion 1.10.4
#9822 en-IE regional setting for datepicker feature minor ui.datepicker 1.10.4
#9824 Can not do resizable in a resizable div gcaufy bug minor ui.resizable 1.10.4
#9828 Moving dialog box in UI 1.10.4 doesn't behave properly bug minor ui.core 1.10.4
#9835 Dragging a dialog when page is not scrolled to the top cause hopping bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.4
#9836 Problem with DIALOG position when dragging. bug minor ui.dialog 1.10.4
#9837 Autocomplete: JAWS is knocked out of forms mode when duplicate input value is passed ethan bug minor ui.autocomplete 1.10.4
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