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#6228 Datepicker: Use widget factory open rewrite bug blocker
#3022 Sortable: Handles outside sorting element do not work open sortable, handle, haspatch paul bug major
#3176 Resizable: Buggy behavior when trying to make an iframe resizable open resizable iframe handle resize bug major
#4228 margin: #px auto; not respected with effects open margin, auto, effect bug major
#4286 Resizable: Containment issue with offset grid dimensions open resizable, constrainment, absolute bug major
#4310 Resizable: custom handles do not work open resizable handles bug major
#4345 Sortable: CSS defined widths / heights are ignored on helper open sortable, helper bug major
#4624 Resizable: The animate option breaks containment open plugin resizable animate containment bad behaviour bug major
#4911 Draggable: Add a refresh method open draggable refresh refreshPositions feature major
#4943 Sortable: Nested Sortable Serialize open nested sortable serialize feature major
#4985 Resizable: float: right issues with position: static or position: relative elements open float:right; positioned resize elements bug major
#5006 Sortable: incorrectly considers hidden elements as the clone element assigned sortable, placeholder, mikesherov bug major
#5422 Resizable: animate option doesn't work right with alsoResize open animate, alsoResize, resize, also bug major
#5789 Datepicker: Support non-Gregorian calendars open globalize feature major
#5943 Droppable: ui.intersect() should check the "visible" dimensions of droppable open intersects dimension visible scroll bug major
#6641 Resizable: margin:auto bug in FF, Opera, IE open resizable margin auto firefox mozilla opera haspatch bug major
#14891 Draggable and droppable dom is assigned a "null" id in Firefox new draggable droppable bug major
#14916 Resizable: Westward resize with grid doesn't work open regression bug major
#15409 Jquery UI DatePicker duplicates year and month using touchscreen new year and months bug major
#2421 Resizable breaks with %-based positioning but works with pixel-based positioning open resizable haspatch feature minor
#3685 Dialog: Ability to fade in the overlay. open overlay animation feature minor
#4723 Slider direction (left/bottom:min, top/right: max) should be added open orientation a11y feature minor
#4782 Selectable: Filtered items does not refresh open filter selectees feature minor
#5027 Resizable: The animate option breaks the grid option open grid, snap, mouse, drag bug minor
#5512 and effect on jQuery UI Effects open help-wanted bug minor
#5774 Datepicker: allow descending years in drop-down open template feature minor
#6006 Dialog: Consider changing focus implementation to avoid scrolling content reopened tabbable jump dialog scroll enhancement minor
#6054 Sortable: cancel method cannot be called in a beforeStop event handler open parentNode tos1121 bug minor
#6230 Resizable: Issue initializing a wrapped resizable when initially hidden open Textarea, Hidden, Resizable bug minor
#6652 Ability to customize visible components of jQuery UI datepicker open template feature minor
#7537 Datepicker Should Allow Removal of ui-datepicker-current Button open template feature minor
#7649 Datepicker: Picker not in viewable position when the control is in far right side with horizontal scroll bar in IE7/8 open rewrite position bug minor
#8090 Option to use full month names in selection list open template feature minor
#8245 Datepicker: Hardcoded non-breaking space in calendar header open globalize bug minor
#8393 Datepicker: Issues using showAnim on multiple datepickers open rewrite bug minor
#8525 Effects: Class animation methods don't support functions in place of strings open help-wanted bug minor
#8527 .show()/.hide()/.toggle() don't follow normal animation signatures open help-wanted bug minor
#8530 .toggleClass() doesn't support the switch parameter when using animations open help-wanted bug minor
#8737 Datepicker: hidden input without sibling should use parent for position open rewrite position bug minor
#8934 Spinner: Percentage functionality fails open globalize bug minor
#9013 Datepicker: Implement .ui-front logic open rewrite position feature minor
#9299 Datepicker: Use common position option open rewrite position feature minor
#9410 Datepicker: "destroy" method leaves behind the generated id attribute open rewrite bug minor
#9491 DatePicker does not use the correct ownerDocument (does not support multiple windows) open rewrite bug minor
#9495 Datepicker: hidden input is positioned incorrectly in fixed div open rewrite position bug minor
#10407 Selectmenu: inaccessible in IE when screen reader is active open accessibility bug minor
#10545 JSCS: Enable requireCamelCaseOrUpperCaseIdentifiers rule open help-wanted feature minor
#10616 Demo linter open help-wanted feature minor
#10715 Selectmenu keyboard without popup and VoiceOver new accessibility bug minor
#11099 Draggable snaps/flickers and reposition issues with sortable assigned regression mikesherov bug minor
#14890 ui.selectmenu icons fail in high contrast mode new accessibility bug minor
#14893 Incorrect layout of months after switch open showCurrentAtPos, numberOfMonths bug minor
#14894 Sortable: Large items of nested sortable can not be inserted on top new sortable nested bug minor
#14913 Two sortables stacked using z-index new sortable draggable Andrei Glingeanu bug minor
#15091 selectmenu should probably not be a combobox open accessibility bug minor
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