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#9737 Dialog: Scrolling in dialog in iframe disables iOS keyboard open bug minor ui.dialog
#9744 Sortable: incorrect value for ui.sender in sortover events new bug minor ui.sortable
#9760 Change event is triggered on source list rather than current list when using connected sortables new bug minor ui.sortable
#9766 Droppable: leaving a greedy child fails to check if parent intersects open bug minor ui.droppable
#9775 Datepicker: Determine weekend days based on locale open bug minor ui.datepicker
#9805 Datepicker: With onSelect & value, Enter no longer closes the picker open bug minor ui.datepicker
#9820 Droppable: drop triggered for hidden droppables open bug minor ui.droppable
#9832 Dialog: Content shrinks after resize open bug minor ui.dialog
#9852 Wrong update event order on sortable connected lists new bug minor ui.sortable
#9888 Datepicker: Open datepicker should hide when destroying open bug minor ui.datepicker
#9919 Dialog resizing doesn't work properly if the dialog contains an iframe open bug minor ui.dialog
#9923 Datepicker: changeMonth combined with showCurrentAtPos open bug minor ui.datepicker
#9924 Slider: Odd value when sliding past min/max value, only when 'step' represents < 1px open bug minor ui.slider
#9927 Resizable: does not respect original body cursor like Draggable does. open bug minor ui.resizable
#9955 Droppable: Nested droppables hover behavior is incorrect open bug minor ui.droppable
#9960 Draggable: Position of helper is not correctly updated when user is scrolling during dragging open bug minor ui.draggable
#9964 Resizable: Border/Outline not shown after browser zoom open bug minor ui.resizable
#9974 Draggable: scrolling while dragging causes grid misalignment open bug minor ui.draggable
#9979 Sortable: hidden tables cells break layout when sorting rows open bug minor ui.sortable
#9992 limiting the axis of a draggable+sortable does not limit scrolling new bug minor ui.sortable
#9994 JAWS knocked out of forms mode when passing through entries of equal length new bug minor ui.autocomplete
#10001 Datepicker: "Unix timestamp" is not Unix timestamp open bug minor ui.datepicker
#10039 Tooltip: track + delay causes a flicker on show open bug minor ui.tooltip
#10050 Autocomplete: Destroy potential memory/resource leak open bug minor ui.autocomplete
#10084 Sortable: Breaks table layout when sorting (table-layout: fixed, and fixed width cell) open bug minor ui.sortable
#10111 Over callback of parent with greedy child does not trigger after drop on child. open bug minor ui.droppable
#10113 Sortable: Discrepancy between receive event and appending with nested sortables open bug minor ui.sortable
#10132 Dialog: Closes on escape even if select is open (Firefox and IE) open bug minor ui.dialog
#10407 Selectmenu: inaccessible in IE when screen reader is active open bug minor ui.selectmenu
#10537 Datepicker: onSelect called twice when date selected with enter key open bug minor ui.datepicker
#10539 Effects: Enhanced effect methods should support the full API from core open feature minor ui.effects.core
#10544 Autocomplete: Must click two times to select an item in iOS open bug minor ui.autocomplete
#10545 JSCS: Enable requireCamelCaseOrUpperCaseIdentifiers rule open feature minor [meta]
#10547 Sortable: position off when container scrolled horizontally new bug minor ui.sortable
#10578 Incorrect Placeholder Positioning in Nested Floated Sortables new bug minor ui.sortable
#10579 Sortable: Provide way to animate placeholder appearance and disappearence open feature minor ui.sortable
#10580 Sortable: update event gets fired after calling cancel() open bug minor ui.sortable
#10585 reset delay timer on method cancel new bug minor ui.sortable
#10601 Resizable: disabled is not handled properly on init open bug minor ui.resizable
#10606 Effects: In IE8 the toggleClass demo doesn't animate height properly open bug minor ui.effects.core
#10616 Demo linter open feature minor [meta]
#10628 Provide option to connect sortable with droppable new feature minor ui.droppable
#10655 Menu: submenu is still opened with "right" arrow key in RTL mode. new bug minor
#10657 Spinner: Arrow buttons should be on left in RTL mode open bug minor ui.spinner
#10658 Slider: handle is not mirrored in RTL mode reopened bug minor ui.slider
#10663 Draggable: Scroll problem with absolute positioning new bug minor ui.draggable
#10667 Draggable: $.ui.ddmanager.current not released on draggable _destroy open bug minor ui.draggable
#10689 Tooltip memory leak - endless DOM appending open bug minor ui.tooltip
#10701 DIalog: selecting text programmatically in IE is impossible in modals open bug minor ui.dialog
#10706 Spinner: right click on spinner button causes runaway value open bug minor ui.spinner
#10712 Draggable: Cursor attached to scrollbar arrow in IE open bug minor ui.draggable
#10713 Autocomplete does not work with VoiceOver new bug minor ui.autocomplete
#10715 Selectmenu keyboard without popup and VoiceOver new bug minor ui.selectmenu
#10718 Effect: .finish() doesn't end animation open bug minor ui.effects.core
#10728 Autocomplete: option list isn't completely cleared after selection of an option on certain Android devices/browsers open bug minor ui.autocomplete
#10737 Slider: allow for easy modification of the default linear behaviour open feature minor ui.slider
#10897 Dialog: Make resizable handles easier to use open feature minor ui.dialog
#11032 Sortable "over" event not firing on nested lists new bug minor ui.sortable
#11052 Autocomplete: Trigger change event when return is pressed reopened feature minor ui.autocomplete
#11060 Datepicker: Add a change event open feature minor ui.datepicker
#11085 Helper created by draggable is moved to another parent when over sortable new bug minor ui.sortable
#11086 Sortable: Helper keeps moveing away because of margin open bug minor ui.sortable
#11099 Draggable snaps/flickers and reposition issues with sortable assigned bug minor ui.draggable
#11124 Resizable: Does not adjust positioning for RTL markup open bug minor ui.resizable
#11145 Selectmenu: Selection inside contenteditable is lost in Safari open bug minor ui.selectmenu
#11199 Selectmenu throws error after datepicker selected in different UpdatePanel (IE 11) open bug minor ui.selectmenu
#11517 Sortable causes erratic behaviour with floated percent items new bug minor ui.sortable
#11518 Sortable: Draggable helper gets explicit width when using connectToSortable open bug minor ui.sortable
#11580 Draggable connected to nested sortabled - helper misplaced on exit new bug minor ui.sortable
#11606 Selectmenu should have a default max height open feature minor ui.selectmenu
#12573 Draggable: Incorrect position when using containment and leaving a sortable open bug minor ui.draggable
#12588 Draggable: add an ability to use function in the `pointAt` option new feature minor ui.draggable
#12868 Fixed Position Draggable Element Scrolls Offscreen new bug minor ui.draggable
#12869 Autocomplete (and Selectmenu) Menus Closed if Dialog is Dragged open bug minor ui.dialog
#12980 Resizable child can go outside containment when margin is in play. new bug minor ui.resizable
#13024 draggable with connectToSortable not compatible with clone helper new bug minor ui.sortable
#13028 Tests: Use Intern open feature minor [meta]
#13167 Datepicker: After calling refresh while calendar is open, calendar will not close new bug minor ui.datepicker
#13251 datepicker mousewheel scroll problem inside fixed div new bug minor ui.datepicker
#13562 Extra border spacing when sorting table rows in Safari new bug minor ui.sortable
#13573 Upgrade tests to use no globals new feature minor [meta]
#13578 Clicking sub-element in draggable handle does not blur active element new bug minor ui.draggable
#13874 Draggable: scrolled draggable has incorrect position new bug minor ui.draggable
#14404 connectToSortable offset is wrong when scrolled down new bug minor ui.sortable
#14477 Support of base text direction in JQuery widgets reopened feature minor ui.widget
#14578 Destroying a date picker breaks another one open bug minor ui.datepicker
#14639 IE: Scrollbar on mouseover in autocomplete results new bug minor ui.autocomplete
#14645 Sortable: Elements are not considered :active while sorting in Firefox open bug minor ui.sortable
#14697 Draggable drifts off axis open bug minor ui.draggable
#14721 SVGs gets invicible in IE11 Windows 10 after sorting is completed new bug minor ui.sortable
#14734 sortable's cancel method not working with connectToSortable option new bug minor ui.sortable
#14776 Resizable: small position change after resizing attempt open bug minor ui.resizable
#14779 Draggable prevents scrolling when disabled on touch devices open bug minor ui.draggable
#14806 Draggable helper position largely offsets on entering/leaving sortables when being placed in floating and/or relative positioned parent elements new bug minor ui.sortable
#14869 Sortable: Placeholder size not updated at some zoom levels new bug minor ui.sortable
#14878 Buggy Collision Detection UI-Sortable new bug minor ui.sortable
#14889 Sortable: Wrong placeholder height with tbody items and multiple <tr>s new bug minor ui.sortable
#14890 ui.selectmenu icons fail in high contrast mode new bug minor ui.selectmenu
#14893 Incorrect layout of months after switch open bug minor ui.datepicker
#14894 Sortable: Large items of nested sortable can not be inserted on top new bug minor ui.sortable
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