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#15291 Invalid "inline if" in datepicker source new bug minor ui.datepicker
#15293 isOpen() behavior is wrong when called on an unitialized dialog new bug minor ui.dialog
#15295 autoFocus option on android device with Chrome browser new bug minor ui.autocomplete
#15296 ui-icon doesn't show up when there is nothing in the span in Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer new bug minor ui.accordion
#15297 Bing Maps V8 conflict new bug minor ui.autocomplete
#15298 jquery-ui-focus-issue with nested dialogs new bug minor ui.dialog
#15299 tooltip shows old label on label change new bug minor ui.button
#15300 screen readers read tooltip twice new bug minor ui.tooltip
#15302 invalid drop event triggered without drop combined with sortable new bug minor ui.droppable
#15303 Cannot press tab on readonly autocomplete in Firefox new bug minor ui.autocomplete
#15304 Drag and Drop jumpiness new bug minor ui.droppable
#15305 Bad performance with many hidden elements new bug minor ui.draggable
#15308 Radio buttons do not change state when group members clicked. new bug minor ui.checkbxoradio
#15309 Memory leak on draggable.disable and enabled new bug minor ui.draggable
#15310 Checkboxradio not working in WordPress new bug minor ui.checkbxoradio
#15311 Datepicker calendar positioning is based on scroll position and not window position when inside a fixed parent. new bug minor ui.datepicker
#15313 select-menu widget should be able to customize aria-label or aria-labeledby attribute new feature minor ui.selectmenu
#15314 JAWS reports (ARIA) Expanded/collapsed when Tabs.collapsible = false new bug minor ui.tabs
#15315 Slider handle "sticks" to mouse and does not release new bug minor ui.slider
#15316 Datepicker - inconsistency on input (fractional) height - position fixed issue new bug minor ui.datepicker
#15317 Having multiple instances of datepicker breaks design new bug minor ui.datepicker
#15318 preventDefault in mousedown suppresses other interactions new bug minor ui.mouse
#15319 Slide Effect does not work with position:static new bug minor ui.effects.* (individual effect)
#15320 "VoiceOver" does not read options when list of options is visible in Safari new bug minor ui.core
#15321 JQueryUI Tooltips and Google Maps InfoWIndow not playing nicely together new bug minor ui.tooltip
#15322 Menu : submenus position problem with long text new bug minor
#15324 IE draggable not working properly new bug minor ui.core
#15325 Tabbing is not working on date picker. new bug minor ui.datepicker
#15326 checkboxradio property label presented in api document new bug minor ui.checkbxoradio
#15327 Modal dialog close button not displayed in High Contrast Mode new bug minor ui.dialog
#15328 Re-opening selectmenu programatically is triggering the select event undesirably new bug minor ui.selectmenu
#15330 checkbox/radio UI styling incompatibility with HTML5 "required" attribute new bug minor ui.core
#15331 Additional variable check related to: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of undefined new bug minor ui.autocomplete
#15332 Getting started guidance new feature minor ui.widget
#15333 jqueryui-tooltip issue with Edge new bug minor ui.tooltip
#15334 .ui-widget-overlay does not display complete message on page resize new bug minor ui.widget
#15335 Perfomance Issue when working with hidden rows new bug minor ui.sortable
#15336 Autocomplete menu memory leak resulting in slowness. new bug minor
#15337 jQuery UI has accessibility bugs new bug minor ui.core
#15339 'receive' handler is not called in Sortable under certain conditions new bug minor ui.sortable
#15340 maxHeight option works like height option new bug minor ui.dialog
#15341 timezone render calendar problem new bug minor ui.core
#15342 jQuery UI checkboxradio icon incorrect on back navigation new bug minor ui.checkbxoradio
#15343 References held to select and option elements after selectmenu('destroy') call new bug minor ui.selectmenu
#15344 Scale effect ignores 'direction' new bug minor ui.effects.* (individual effect)
#15345 Datepicker - Screenreader does not out next day and previous days when using keybord to select date form the datepicker new bug minor ui.datepicker
#15346 Datepicker - Hotkeys for next and prev year does not work new bug minor ui.datepicker
#15347 Hidden items in sortable aren't sortable directly after showing in one drag. new bug minor ui.sortable
#15348 jQuery 3.4.1 breaks jQuery UI datepicker ? new bug minor ui.datepicker
#15350 Validation new bug minor ui.core
#15351 Can't create selectmenu dynamically new bug minor ui.selectmenu
#15352 Destroy autocomplete causing layout thrashing new bug minor ui.autocomplete
#15353 Security bug reported with jquery ui 1.12 new bug minor ui.core
#15354 jQuery UI dialog box changes the auto height to a fixed height while dragging the dialog box new bug minor ui.core
#15355 I suggest removing icons option for html button new feature minor ui.button
#15356 Accordion shouldn't use tablist/tab roles new bug minor ui.accordion
#15357 Brozer freeze issue when using multiple select menu's new bug minor ui.core
#15359 Tooltip does not work with screen readers new bug minor ui.tooltip
#15360 Could not specify additional classes for ui-widget-overlay using dialog classes option new bug minor ui.dialog
#15361 Month and Year Dropdown of Datepicker Not Working in Firefox new bug minor ui.datepicker
#15362 Datepicker - Resets another controls date new bug minor ui.datepicker
#15363 jQuery-UI tabs cannot be disabled. new bug minor ui.tabs
#15364 the sortable icon overflow its father container. new bug minor ui.sortable
#15366 Typing a letter and then selecting an option with the mouse leads to the wrong option being selected new bug minor ui.selectmenu
#15367 Checking problem for Checkbox in Tabs new bug minor ui.checkbxoradio
#15368 Scrollable Autocomplete content keeps scrolling on mouse move out of the panel with results new bug minor ui.autocomplete
#15369 Add ctrl+z/ctrl+y support for spinner and arrows changes. new feature minor ui.spinner
#15370 Additive step flag for spinner and input value with bigger floating point than step. new feature minor ui.spinner
#15371 Draggable to nested sortable incorrectly shows revert animation new bug minor ui.sortable
#15372 autocomplete z-index wrong in dialog new bug minor ui.autocomplete
#15373 Reporting security issues new bug minor ui.core
#15374 how to improve the performance of the selectmenu new bug minor ui.selectmenu
#15375 Loading names suggestion even for datepicker new bug minor ui.core
#15379 Scroll not working smoothly in MsEdge new bug minor ui.autocomplete
#15380 datepicker changes date not as expected in some cases new bug minor ui.core
#15381 Datepicker unusable new bug minor ui.datepicker
#15382 Chrome Autocomplete hides datepicker, should datepicker disable autocomplete? new feature minor ui.datepicker
#15383 AutoComplete inside keyup event not working properly new bug minor ui.autocomplete
#15385 UI slider isn't visible when page loads into container new bug minor ui.core
#15386 No overflow overlay support new bug minor ui.sortable
#15387 jQueryUI for React as Module new feature minor ui.core
#15389 Cursor move not removed after drop new bug minor ui.sortable
#15393 Dependency (js-yaml) Security Vulnerability new bug minor ui.core
#15394 jQuery.isFunction() is deprecated new bug minor ui.effects.core
#15395 dateFormat: 'dd/mm/yy' doesn't support negative years. new bug minor ui.datepicker
#15397 .datepicker("show") does not work on class selector new bug minor ui.datepicker
#15398 Pressing the 'Today' button in the datepicker doesn't work new bug minor ui.datepicker
#15399 drag/drop elements in jsonform produce weird results new bug minor ui.droppable
#15401 Unable to navigate onto a datepicker with keyboard new bug minor ui.datepicker
#15403 jQuery.expr[':'] is deprecated; new bug minor ui.core
#15404 Autocomplete with scrolling doesn't allow for scroll bar new bug minor ui.autocomplete
#15405 Autocomplete scrollable shows scrollbar on hover over last item new bug minor ui.autocomplete
#15408 color contrast ratio for 'current date' is less than minimum required ratio 4.5:1 new bug minor ui.core
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