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#6172 Rewrite interaction plugins open blocker 2.0.0 [meta]
#7756 Core: Remove .disableSelection() and .enableSelection() open blocker 2.0.0 ui.core
#10534 Droppable: Remove $.ui.intersect() reopened mikesherov blocker none ui.droppable
#10600 remove effects methods backcompatted by Effects Rewrite assigned mikesherov blocker 1.13.0 ui.effects.core
#12063 Tabs: Remove deprecated ui-tab class open blocker 1.13.0 ui.tabs
#12164 Dialog: Remove dialogClass option open blocker 1.13.0 ui.dialog
#12166 Droppable: Remove hoverClass and activeClass options open blocker 1.13.0 ui.droppable
#12168 Tooltip: Remove tooltipClass option open blocker 1.13.0 ui.tooltip
#14633 Button: Remove back compat for checkboxradio and controlgroup open blocker 1.13.0 ui.button
#14743 Button: Remove text option open blocker 1.13.0 ui.button
#14745 Button: Remove icons option open blocker 1.13.0 ui.button
#14748 Button: Remove buttonset widget open blocker 1.13.0 ui.button
#14750 Effects: Remove transfer effect open blocker 1.13.0 ui.effects.* (individual effect)
#14991 Replace $.ui.escapeSelector with $.escapeSelector open blocker 1.13.0 [meta]
#14992 Replace $.isArray() with Array.isArray() open blocker 1.13.0 [meta]
#15160 Remove uses of soon-to-be-deprecated jQuery methods open blocker 1.12.2 [meta]
#15191 Remove use of `$.fx.interval` open blocker 1.13.0 ui.tooltip
#2405 [Drag/Droppables] Support for TableRows/TableColumns/TableCells/TableBodies open paul major 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#3011 Interactions should support bottom and right positioning open major 2.0.0 ui.mouse
#3223 Seletable should support auto scroll when reach an edge open major 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#3897 Sortable: connectWith should not accept an array of selectors open major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4143 Interactions: Support Pointer Events open major 2.0.0 ui.mouse
#4388 slider range option should work with more than two handles open major none ui.slider
#4739 Slider: Accessibility open major none ui.slider
#4911 Draggable: Add a refresh method open major 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#4943 Sortable: Nested Sortable Serialize open major 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#5021 Resizable: corner handles should be larger open major 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#5210 Accessibility Improvements Radio buttons open major none ui.button
#5233 Add support for high contrast mode open major none ui.core
#5789 Datepicker: Support non-Gregorian calendars open major none ui.datepicker
#6004 Mouse: Automatically cover iframes on mouse start open major 2.0.0 ui.mouse
#2421 Resizable breaks with %-based positioning but works with pixel-based positioning open minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#2786 UI Droppable: Better handling for drag start detection assigned Scott González minor 2.0.0 ui.droppable
#2946 Selectable: CTRL/CMD should invert current state open rdworth minor none ui.selectable
#3071 Add Labels to Slider open minor none ui.slider
#3685 Dialog: Ability to fade in the overlay. open minor none ui.dialog
#3763 Slider: Change step option to snap on mouseup open minor none ui.slider
#3874 Restrict certain drops by pre-defined rule or callback open minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#4026 Allow for Shift+Click for multiple Selections open minor 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#4417 requested option to disable multiselect open minor 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#4723 Slider direction (left/bottom:min, top/right: max) should be added open minor none ui.slider
#4737 Droppable: Expose hash for each tolerance mode open minor 2.0.0 ui.droppable
#4779 Slider Has No Way To Dynamically Add Handles open minor none ui.slider
#4782 Selectable: Filtered items does not refresh open minor 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#4933 Droppable: ability to have drop event fire once for overlapping droppable zones open minor 2.0.0 ui.droppable
#5190 Draggable: Performance problems due to css calculations open minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#5426 Resizable: Expose an API for programatically triggering a resize open minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#5774 Datepicker: allow descending years in drop-down open minor none ui.datepicker
#5795 Allow sortable to reorder items when dragged outside of container open minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#5800 Allow sliders to be used on [type=range] open minor none ui.slider
#6652 Ability to customize visible components of jQuery UI datepicker open minor none ui.datepicker
#6885 Add "afterShow" event to datepicker core open minor none ui.datepicker
#6909 Mouse: dragging on right click open timur.junussov@… minor 2.0.0 ui.mouse
#6954 Sortable: Allow cancel method to be called in start event reopened minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#7013 Select/Unselect Methods on Selectable Would be Nice open minor 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#7091 Droppable: Allow droppables to become visible and active during drag start open minor 2.0.0 ui.droppable
#7210 Add option to enforce 6-rows-calendar in datepicker open minor none ui.datepicker
#7369 Resizable: doesn't support containment: "window" open minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#7537 Datepicker Should Allow Removal of ui-datepicker-current Button open minor none ui.datepicker
#7580 Datepicker: Ability to position current month out of view with showCurrentAtPos option open minor none ui.datepicker
#7590 Sortable: Allow the connectWith option to be updated in a start callback open minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#7615 Sortable: Add demo with mouseover handles open minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#7619 Sortable: Add refreshPositions option to detect dynamically created droppables open minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#7769 An option needed to enable multiple selection by default. open minor 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#7878 Resizable: Add option for setting the resize center open minor 2.0.0 ui.resizable
#7971 Keyboard controls open minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#7987 Selectable: select sequence open minor 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#8000 Sortable: Allow the dimensions of sortable items to be changed in a start event open minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#8054 CSS .ui.corner.all - aesthetically incorrect radius sizing when used on all widget corners. open minor none ui.css-framework
#8066 datepicker setDate should trigger onSelect open minor none ui.datepicker
#8090 Option to use full month names in selection list open minor none ui.datepicker
#8150 Selectable Stop Event Fires Multiple Times While Holding Ctrl open minor 2.0.0 ui.selectable
#8159 datepicker('setDate' null) should not set today active open minor none ui.datepicker
#8200 Autocomplete: Customizable animation for show and hide open minor none ui.autocomplete
#8384 Draggable+Sortable: make what is inserted configurable open minor 2.0.0 ui.draggable
#8441 Programmatically trigger drag start on sortables open minor 2.0.0 ui.sortable
#8463 Option to set the date when changing month or year open pjungwir minor none ui.datepicker
#8782 Tooltip: no way to keep content open on hover. reopened minor none ui.tooltip
#8783 Tooltip: does not always stay open when a form field is focused. new dsargent@… minor none ui.tooltip
#8882 Draggable / Resizable / Sortable: Supporting floating point values in style properties open minor none ui.draggable
#9013 Datepicker: Implement .ui-front logic open minor none ui.datepicker
#9138 Menu: Smarter detection of user intention during mouse move open minor none
#9239 Tooltip: Expose element which triggered the tooltip inside open/close handlers open Ult Combo minor none ui.tooltip
#9298 Datepicker: Accessibility open minor none ui.datepicker
#9299 Datepicker: Use common position option open minor none ui.datepicker
#9574 Added programatically preventing resize (start callback returns false) new FrozenArts minor none ui.resizable
#9657 Prototype a transition plugin open minor none [meta]
#10539 Effects: Enhanced effect methods should support the full API from core open minor none ui.effects.core
#10545 JSCS: Enable requireCamelCaseOrUpperCaseIdentifiers rule open minor none [meta]
#10579 Sortable: Provide way to animate placeholder appearance and disappearence open minor none ui.sortable
#10616 Demo linter open minor none [meta]
#10628 Provide option to connect sortable with droppable new minor none ui.droppable
#10737 Slider: allow for easy modification of the default linear behaviour open minor none ui.slider
#10897 Dialog: Make resizable handles easier to use open minor none ui.dialog
#11052 Autocomplete: Trigger change event when return is pressed reopened minor none ui.autocomplete
#11060 Datepicker: Add a change event open minor none ui.datepicker
#11606 Selectmenu should have a default max height open minor none ui.selectmenu
#12588 Draggable: add an ability to use function in the `pointAt` option new extempl minor none ui.draggable
#13028 Tests: Use Intern open minor none [meta]
#13573 Upgrade tests to use no globals new minor none [meta]
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