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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#10689 Tooltip memory leak - endless DOM appending open bug minor none
#10701 DIalog: selecting text programmatically in IE is impossible in modals open bug minor none
#10706 Spinner: right click on spinner button causes runaway value open bug minor none
#10712 Draggable: Cursor attached to scrollbar arrow in IE open getvivekjoshi bug minor none
#10713 Autocomplete does not work with VoiceOver new grom358 bug minor none
#10715 Selectmenu keyboard without popup and VoiceOver new bug minor none
#10718 Effect: .finish() doesn't end animation open bug minor none
#10728 Autocomplete: option list isn't completely cleared after selection of an option on certain Android devices/browsers open bug minor none
#10897 Dialog: Make resizable handles easier to use open feature minor none
#11032 Sortable "over" event not firing on nested lists new bug minor none
#11052 Autocomplete: Trigger change event when return is pressed reopened feature minor none
#11060 Datepicker: Add a change event open feature minor none
#11085 Helper created by draggable is moved to another parent when over sortable new bug minor none
#11086 Sortable: Helper keeps moveing away because of margin open bug minor none
#11099 Draggable snaps/flickers and reposition issues with sortable assigned mikesherov bug minor none
#14776 Resizable: small position change after resizing attempt open bug minor none
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