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#12164 Dialog: Remove dialogClass option open feature blocker 1.13.0
#12166 Droppable: Remove hoverClass and activeClass options open feature blocker 1.13.0
#12168 Tooltip: Remove tooltipClass option open feature blocker 1.13.0
#14633 Button: Remove back compat for checkboxradio and controlgroup open feature blocker 1.13.0
#14743 Button: Remove text option open feature blocker 1.13.0
#14745 Button: Remove icons option open feature blocker 1.13.0
#14748 Button: Remove buttonset widget open feature blocker 1.13.0
#14750 Effects: Remove transfer effect open feature blocker 1.13.0
#15051 no callback for tooltip shown with a delay open bug blocker 1.13.0
#14907 jQuery UI Datepicker showing incorrect week number open bug major none
#11124 Resizable: Does not adjust positioning for RTL markup open bug minor none
#11145 Selectmenu: Selection inside contenteditable is lost in Safari open spjonez bug minor none
#11199 Selectmenu throws error after datepicker selected in different UpdatePanel (IE 11) open sandygettings bug minor none
#11517 Sortable causes erratic behaviour with floated percent items new bug minor none
#13028 Tests: Use Intern open feature minor none
#13167 Datepicker: After calling refresh while calendar is open, calendar will not close new timbofield bug minor none
#13573 Upgrade tests to use no globals new feature minor none
#13874 Draggable: scrolled draggable has incorrect position new bug minor none
#14645 Sortable: Elements are not considered :active while sorting in Firefox open bug minor none
#14697 Draggable drifts off axis open bug minor none
#14869 Sortable: Placeholder size not updated at some zoom levels new bug minor none
#14878 Buggy Collision Detection UI-Sortable new bug minor none
#14890 ui.selectmenu icons fail in high contrast mode new bug minor none
#14893 Incorrect layout of months after switch open bug minor none
#14908 Sortable truncates width property to an integer which makes flexbox items to wrap new bug minor none
#14909 Sortable: Review decision for out event firing when item is dropped open feature minor none
#14935 Selectmenu: Issue with scrollbar when select menu is created with pre selected value open bug minor none
#14942 Datepicker tests failed on Leap Day new bug minor none
#14946 jqueryui droppable: over event triggered before out droppable new bug minor none
#14954 Resize on left move on left when mouse is out its container new Philippe GODEFROY bug minor none
#14968 JQuery UI - Sortable Widget (Grid): Horizontally scrolling with the first element not working properly new bug minor none
#14988 Draggable iframeFix prevents click event new bug minor none
#14993 Draggable prevents pinch zoom on Windows 10 touch in Chrome/Edge new bug minor none
#15012 Parent element with overflow:hidden results in incorrect positioning on drag end new bug minor none
#15033 Draggable / Sortable items have wrong offset when scrolled inside fixed > relative new bug minor none
#15044 Selectable: Performance of initialization is slow when many elements are in selectable container new bug minor 1.12.1
#15072 Autocomplete scrolling does not work in IE/Edge open bug minor none
#15079 Datepicker: Ability to control style for current day open feature minor none
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