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#12063 Tabs: Remove deprecated ui-tab class open feature blocker 1.13.0
#14902 JQuery UI Sortable strange placeholder behaviour new bug blocker none
#14991 Replace $.ui.escapeSelector with $.escapeSelector open feature blocker 1.13.0
#14992 Replace $.isArray() with Array.isArray() open feature blocker 1.13.0
#14891 Draggable and droppable dom is assigned a "null" id in Firefox new bug major none
#14916 Resizable: Westward resize with grid doesn't work open bug major none
#14921 Transfer effect: Fixed position elements are handled incorrectly when scrolled in IE/Firefox open enekogb bug major none
#11518 Sortable: Draggable helper gets explicit width when using connectToSortable open bug minor none
#11580 Draggable connected to nested sortabled - helper misplaced on exit new bug minor none
#11606 Selectmenu should have a default max height open feature minor none
#12573 Draggable: Incorrect position when using containment and leaving a sortable open crash1912 bug minor none
#12588 Draggable: add an ability to use function in the `pointAt` option new extempl feature minor none
#12868 Fixed Position Draggable Element Scrolls Offscreen new bug minor none
#12869 Autocomplete (and Selectmenu) Menus Closed if Dialog is Dragged open bug minor none
#12980 Resizable child can go outside containment when margin is in play. new bug minor none
#13024 draggable with connectToSortable not compatible with clone helper new bug minor none
#13251 datepicker mousewheel scroll problem inside fixed div new bug minor none
#13562 Extra border spacing when sorting table rows in Safari new bug minor none
#13578 Clicking sub-element in draggable handle does not blur active element new bug minor none
#14404 connectToSortable offset is wrong when scrolled down new bug minor none
#14477 Support of base text direction in JQuery widgets reopened feature minor none
#14578 Destroying a date picker breaks another one open bug minor none
#14639 IE: Scrollbar on mouseover in autocomplete results new bug minor none
#14721 SVGs gets invicible in IE11 Windows 10 after sorting is completed new bug minor none
#14734 sortable's cancel method not working with connectToSortable option new bug minor none
#14779 Draggable prevents scrolling when disabled on touch devices open bug minor none
#14806 Draggable helper position largely offsets on entering/leaving sortables when being placed in floating and/or relative positioned parent elements new bug minor none
#14889 Sortable: Wrong placeholder height with tbody items and multiple <tr>s new bug minor none
#14894 Sortable: Large items of nested sortable can not be inserted on top new bug minor none
#14912 Draggable: Allow setting containment during drag open feature minor none
#14913 Two sortables stacked using z-index new Andrei Glingeanu bug minor none
#14923 mirroring widgets to support RTL languages new feature minor none
#14932 Bug while resizing a div and scrolling his container at the same time new bug minor none
#14943 Over event isn't propagated if nested droppable doesn't accept draggable under a certain scenario new bug minor none
#14944 Wrong "current" date once maxDate is provided new bug minor none
#14952 cursorAt in events is not immediately effective new bug minor none
#14969 Scrolling doesn't work new bug minor none
#14976 Wrong dialog content width calculation with box-sizing: border-box new bug minor none
#14979 When using custom placeholder, the positions of the items array needs to be refreshed after the placholder is set... new bug minor none
#14980 Datepicker: Misaligned when attached to a hidden input, inside of a fixed-positioned element, when scrolled down new bug minor none
#14989 Droppable and container with `overflow:hidden` accept drop where it shouldn't be. open bug minor none
#14990 Spinner uses step of 0 when step is 1e-7 or less open bug minor none
#14998 resize should use .outerWidth instead of .width new Eugen Konkov bug minor none
#15011 Handle of range sliders get stuck when set to maximum value open bug minor none
#15217 jQuery UI Draggable pushed upwards on mousedown in IE11 new bug minor none
#15255 setDate(null) causes calendar to jump to current month new bug minor none
#15304 Drag and Drop jumpiness new bug minor none
#15305 Bad performance with many hidden elements new bug minor none
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