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#8044 Resizable: Bug using helper and containment on an absolutely positioned element open bug minor 2.0.0
#8046 Droppable: does not get deactivated if the drop event modifies the element so it no longer passes the "accept" option open bug minor 2.0.0
#8054 CSS .ui.corner.all - aesthetically incorrect radius sizing when used on all widget corners. open feature minor none
#8062 Autocomplete is not triggered when pasting on Linux (with middle-mouse-button) open bug minor none
#8066 datepicker setDate should trigger onSelect open feature minor none
#8090 Option to use full month names in selection list open feature minor none
#8106 Selectable click to select broken when combined with Draggable open bug minor 2.0.0
#8121 Datepicker: Focusing multiple elements at the same time throws an error. open tojocky bug minor none
#8135 Horizontal sortable shifts causes elements to shift down open bug minor 2.0.0
#8393 Datepicker: Issues using showAnim on multiple datepickers open bug minor none
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