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#8150 Selectable Stop Event Fires Multiple Times While Holding Ctrl open feature minor 2.0.0
#8159 datepicker('setDate' null) should not set today active open feature minor none
#8170 Datepicker: Active day always appears as hovered at first open bug minor none
#8171 Resizable: alsoResize does not maintain correct ratio for other elements if grid is defined. open bug minor 2.0.0
#8180 Sortable: Error when there are items in the sortable container that are already a sortable open bug minor 2.0.0
#8200 Autocomplete: Customizable animation for show and hide open feature minor none
#8223 Datepicker: position remains fixed on scrolling open sonalisabnam bug minor none
#8238 Resizable: auto-wrapped elements should inherit zindex open Davewp196 bug minor 2.0.0
#8272 Selectable mouse event bug in the IE9+,FF,CHROME... open bug minor 2.0.0
#8302 Sortable: Positioning issues with hidden connected lists open bug minor 2.0.0
#8570 Datepicker: onChangeMonthYear does not trigger with ctrl+arrows / direct input open bug minor none
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