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#3450 Resizable aspectRatio is switched. Should be width/height eduardo bug blocker ui.resizable 1.6rc1
#2932 Accordion event for start of animation paul enhancement major ui.accordion 1.5b4
#3164 Sortables do not work on sorted elements that are also resizable paul bug major ui.sortable 1.5.2
#3228 Slider fire beforeunload event paul bug major ui.slider 1.5.2
#3328 Containment (resizable and draggable) not working when container has overflow:hidden paul bug major ui.draggable 1.6b
#3087 add beforeClose option Scott González enhancement minor ui.dialog 1.5.1
#3174 Return on enableSelection and disableSelection paul enhancement minor ui.core 1.5.2
#3220 fixed-size dialogs still have resizable border Scott González bug minor ui.dialog 1.5.2
#3386 accept.droppable not an option paul bug minor ui.droppable 1.5.2
#3389 fix handling on non-draggable dialgos Scott González bug minor ui.dialog 1.5.2
#3434 invalid increment operand paul bug minor ui.datepicker 1.6rc1
#3454 createHelper is not passing the event object eduardo bug minor ui.sortable 1.6rc1
#3424 Draggable CSS classes aren't removed on destroy paul bug critical ui.draggable 1.5.2
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