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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#4302 Redmond theme not included in latest build bug blocker [meta] ui.downloadbuilder 1.7.2
#4309 Opening multiple modal dialogs causes access problems to inputs Scott González bug blocker ui.dialog 1.7
#4340 1.7 download fails WinZip Vista 64bit bug blocker [meta] ui.downloadbuilder 1.7.1
#4463 Update Google CDN with @import-less CSS bug blocker ui.css-framework 1.7.1
#4503 Zip file containing CSS theme files does not unzip bug blocker [meta] ui.downloadbuilder 1.7.1
#4505 Download Page Corrupt Zip File bug blocker [meta] ui.downloadbuilder 1.7.1
#4507 Cannot download jQuery UI 1.7.1 custom theme bug blocker [meta] ui.downloadbuilder 1.7.1
#4065 modal dialog + button locks page Scott González bug major ui.dialog 1.6rc6
#4291 an issue with IE and the downloadbuilder bug major [meta] ui.downloadbuilder 1.7
#4496 Custom theme generator produces buggy file bug major [meta] ui.downloadbuilder 1.7.1
#4517 Updates to Gallery Themes bug major [meta] ui.themeroller 1.7.1
#4542 Themroller creating jquery 1.7 themes not 1.7.1 themes some display problems bug major [meta] ui.themeroller 1.7.1
#4552 Custom JQuery UI - created with theme roller is producing a corrupt zip file bug major [meta] ui.downloadbuilder 1.7.1
#4566 Including ui.datepicker.js causes a memory leak in IE6 bug major ui.datepicker 1.7.1
#4574 The Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted. bug major [meta] ui.downloadbuilder 1.7.1
#4594 Files for custom theme are not generated - default theme is downloaded instead bug major [meta] ui.downloadbuilder 1.7.1
#4800 Dialog: Modal UI Dialog stops links working if closed quickly bug major ui.dialog 1.7.1
#4840 Double click starts jQuery UI Draggable in Google Chrome bug major ui.draggable 1.7.2
#5498 Dialog: modal dialog causes datepicker link clicks to follow # in IE bug major ui.dialog 1.8
#4283 Themes Not Downloading bug minor [meta] ui.downloadbuilder 1.5.3
#4323 Invalid Zip Files when downloading bug minor [meta] ui.downloadbuilder 1.7
#4384 unable to download the UI themes bug minor [meta] ui.downloadbuilder 1.7.1
#4426 downloadbuilder - bung zip file bug minor [meta] ui.downloadbuilder 1.7.1
#4471 Accordion: changestart event not documented enhancement minor ui.accordion 1.7.1
#4473 effects.core corrupts jQuery toggle(<boolean switch>) functionality bug minor ui.effects.core 1.7.1
#4492 Slider code doesn't pack, due to missing semicolons bug minor ui.slider 1.7.1
#4240 Datepicker: destroy, disable, and enable methods affect sibling datepickers rdworth bug critical ui.datepicker 1.7.1
#4301 Datepicker: option dateFormat getter does not return same value as setter bug critical ui.datepicker 1.6rc6
#4317 Default theme folder should be called "default-theme" not "default+theme" bug critical [meta] ui.downloadbuilder 1.7
#4391 ui-state-hover, ui-state-active and disabled sliders bug critical ui.slider 1.7.1
#4427 progressbar('value') returns a reference to this instead of the value bug critical ui.progressbar 1.7.1
#4543 themeroller download outputs corrupted zip file bug critical [meta] ui.downloadbuilder 1.7.1
#4546 Theme roller does not seem to be working bug critical [meta] ui.downloadbuilder 1.7.1

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#4458 It moves content out of <form> tag. enhancement major ui.dialog 1.7.1

Resolution: duplicate (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#4533 Add support for custom calendars feature major ui.datepicker 1.7.1
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