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#7226 Dialog buttons badly handled with JQuery 1.3.2 bug blocker ui.dialog 1.8.11
#4881 Slider: value and values methods as setters aren't chainable bug major ui.slider 1.7.2
#7129 Datepicker: Can't minify with YUI Compressor bug minor ui.datepicker 1.8.10
#7172 [Documentation] Explain cookie plugin is included in externals enhancement minor [meta] 1.8.11
#7176 Datepicker shows only single year in year dropdown if numberOfMonths > 1 bug minor ui.datepicker 1.8.11
#7188 Documentation for autoFocus option bug minor [meta] 1.8.11
#7231 Progresbar: valueDiv should be hidden when value is at 0% bug minor ui.progressbar 1.8.11
#7280 Unable to extract Zip Archive jquery-infrastructure bug minor [meta] ui.downloadbuilder 1.8.12
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