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#2559 Scrollbars from layers below show Draggable if zIndex is set Firefox Mac Firefox Mac Draggable Scott González enhancement minor
#2986 draggables with position: fixed "jump" if the page is scrolled (in ff2) firefox2 paul bug major 1.5.1
#3119 A draggable object is offset by a few pixels on revert in firefox when jquery.dimensions is included. Draggable, Firefox, offset paul bug major
#3250 First drag event missed with ui.droppable.js file (only Firefox 3) Firefox 3;ui.droppable;ui.draggable paul bug critical
#4144 Draggable containment breaks in FF2, Safari, Chrome draggable, containment, Firefox2 bug major 2.0.0
#4510 DialogBox Bug with firefox flash firefox bug minor 1.8
#4717 Datepicker wont display in Firefox firefox prototype datepicker bug critical
#4763 Firefox crashing trying to display a dialog with a long content firefox dialog crash bug major 1.10.0
#4875 Sortable: fails if li element has overflow set to auto firefox, sortable, overflow bug minor 2.0.0
#4934 Draggable causes page to always be scrolled to top in FF 3.5.4 scroll, firefox, bug minor
#5166 Dialog: iFrame being loaded 3 times in Firefox firefox iframe bug major 1.10.0
#5493 Datepicker: changeYear + yearRange causes flash in Firefox datepicker, Firefox, flash, refresh bug major 1.8.7
#5603 Button with icon not displayed correctly in Firefox when button has css height. button height icon firefox css bug major 1.11.0
#5786 Hidden form fields are being stripped from dialogs in Firefox 3.6.6 firefox dialog hidden fields input bug minor
#5988 ThemeRoller bookmarklet doesn't work in Minefield themeroller firefox minefield bug minor
#6003 jQuery.ui.draggable is very slow while dragging over an iFrame in Firefox. Firefox Slow jQuery draggable iframe bug minor
#6155 Button widget animation stays on in firefox 3.0.19 button firefox animation bug trivial
#6171 Calendar displays over text box in some cases in firefox firefox jerredmccurdy bug minor 1.11.0
#6266 case insensitivity does not work in FF 3.5 for non-latin characters case insensitivity, firefox bug minor
#6640 The Dialog plug in in J-Query get the incorrect width & height for Firefox web browser. dialog firefox bug critical 1.9.0
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