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#1679 Sortable - this.parentNode has no properties on core.js core.js parentNode Opera paul bug critical 1.5
#2097 Bug on UI DIALOG using opera browser dialog opera focus input rdworth bug major 1.5
#2387 Sortable "serialize" exception in Opera sortable serialize opera asbjornu bug major
#2775 Draggable ui1.5b2 in Opera 9.25 opera draggable paul bug major 1.5
#2863 ui-slider: Opera slider problem slider, opera paul bug minor
#3190 ui.dialog.js height / width function ui.dialog.js opera position Scott González bug minor 1.7
#3193 Cannot select scrollbars inside dialog in Opera 9.51 opera rdworth bug minor 1.7
#3902 themeroller does not display properly on opera 9.6 opera themeroller positioning bug minor 1.7
#4575 Dialog: Scrollbar is difficult to use with overflow content and resize handle dialog Opera overflow bug minor 1.10.0
#4700 Dialog behaves badly if it is created from relative element in Opera dialog opera resize open bug major 1.8
#5338 autocomplete combobox look weird in opera 10.50 autocomplete combobox opera bug minor 1.8.1
#5856 Opera throws error on resizable stop event resizable stop event Opera bug minor
#5942 Bug in dragging on Opera 10.x. Opera, Draggable bug major 2.0.0
#6097 CSS: Add KHTML and Opera support khtml, opera feature minor 1.8.14
#6234 Position: Elements with top or left set to "auto" are positioned incorrectly in Opera Opera bug minor 1.9.0
#7903 Slider range bug in Opera opera bug minor 1.11.0
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