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#5699 duplicate Dialog: add containment option 纯粹误会

Please add a containment option to dialogs for dragging and resizing.

#5700 duplicate Jquery.ui.diaglog.js drag containment Bug 纯粹误会

Here it is:

I just found that there might have a Bug in the Jquery.ui.diaglog.js as we know there is a paramerter called "containment" between dragable & resizable.and it's default value is "document".it controls the draging always keeping in the document area. but when the target page is not an entire page. when it's an opened small page. and also included a dragable dialog..then it doesn't work I least the range we can control is truning too small.

so here is my solution: add a paramerter called "options.containment"(for example)..the default value is "document".and the relevant containments of draggable & resizable also can be changed to "options.containment"...then we can control it easily.

#15376 duplicate BAD GATEWAY when trying to download JQueryUI zzador

Today was a day I really needed an javascript dialog so I decided to download JQueryUI. However I get an "Error 502 Bad Gateway" regardless of what I try to download and from what PC I try to download. For a Javascript UI library that may be one of the most used out there this seems a little bit unreliable.

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