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#4452 wontfix zindex option when calling the date picker JBeckton

The problem I am having is that the date picker widget opens underneath the UI Dialog and I could not find any options to set the Z-Index of the date picker so that I could specify it. I am not specifying a zindex in my dialog options. I ended up fixing this in my css file as I was able to give the data picker widget a z-index.

A nice enhancement would be to allow for an zindex option when calling the date picker.

#5110 fixed zIndex() only checks inline style, and ignores CSS btburnett3

zIndex() uses to test for the z-index style on each element as it traverses up the tree. Using css() makes more sense, since this will get effective style including z-index applied via CSS.

#6163 worksforme zIndex() is not a function Muffun

Found related ticket: #5948

In th code of the dialog "plugin" downloaded on 2010-10-06, I just found a bug at ligne 391:

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