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#8184 wontfix Slider stops working after moving cursor from iframe in IE7 and IE8 AbNormy

Just download slider widget with dependent components and put its index.html in iframe:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <iframe src="index.html"></iframe>
  1. Open new page in IE7 or IE8
  2. Scroll to slider widget
  3. Drag slider button out of the frame and drop it on parent page (Unavailable pointer should appear)
  4. Try to drag slider again

Expected: slider still working
Actual: slider is blocked

#9215 duplicate Missing ability to add 'data' when ajax type is set to 'post' Abdul Narayan

Please see details in this stackoverflow post

This was available in earlier version of ui.tabs - hence reporting this as a bug.

#14915 duplicate Disabled items are selectable using the keyboard Adam Willden

Please see the following jsbin:

Initially I wanted to create a header. Being able to create a header appears to have been possible in older versions:

When I added a header I found it was selectable. I could override the mouse events but not the keyboard. I found a solution which suggested I could use "ui-state-disabled" as specified in the menu widget documentation. I attempted to create a disabled header item in the hope it would skip selecting the header. This is when I found a secondary issue where disabled items can be selected via the keyboard.

Also I don't believe it should be possible to select disabled items using the keyboard. This may be a problem with the menu widget but looking a the source it appears the autocomplete implementation is not respecting the menu implementation.

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