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#15206 wontfix jQueryUI Sortable placeholder issue on zoom css property in body ravitatvasoft

When i set zoom css property in body tab, at that time we are facing sortable placeholder position issue. We have set position it but no luck.

So can you please provide the suggestion on the same?

#15205 duplicate Autocomplete menu bindings not cleared prestonm-pughs

When updating from 1.11.2 to 1.12.1 we noticed our autocomplete getting slower and slower the more we used it without refreshing the page.

I've traced this to the _suggest function in autocomplete where the DOM is emptied but the bindings are not resulting in thousands of references to DOM elements that do not exist.

_suggest: function( items ) {
   var ul =;
   this._renderMenu( ul, items );

I added a line to reset the bindings:

_suggest: function( items ) {
   var ul =; = $();
   this._renderMenu( ul, items );

I think a more complete solution would be to add a function in the Menu widget to clear both the DOM and bindings.

#15202 wontfix tabs with eq, not id mcanepa

I think that tabs widget should work based on element index rather than id.

I generate multiple containers that will become tabs dinamically, and then each could also have new tabs dinamically.

This represent a problem for me because I have to add and extra logic for not to repeat IDs.

A nice workaround would be to access a div based on it's index, the same index that the list item triggers.

So if I have 5 list items (tabs) and I click on the second one, then the second div (content) should be shown...regardless of the id.

what do you think?

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