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#3090 duplicate when margins are set to auto in IE, height and width fail to calculate throwing an NaN Scott González [email protected]

when the dialog is created and/or resized, the width and height of certain divs in the dialog are set explicitly. the width/height are calculated, compensating for the margins.

when the margins are retrieved, and if they are set to "auto", when parseint is called, it returns a "NaN". when it then tries to do the math... it ends up with a value that looks like this: "NaNpx" which jquery won't accept when it tries to set the style attribute, which means the height/width doesn't get set.

... if i test for this and set those margins to 0 if they aren't a number then i get weird results

code: size: function() {

var container = this.uiDialogContainer,

titlebar = this.uiDialogTitlebar, content = this.element, tbMargin = parseInt(content.css('margin-top')) + parseInt(content.css('margin-bottom')), lrMargin = parseInt(content.css('margin-left')) + parseInt(content.css('margin-right'));

if (isNaN(tbMargin)) {tbMargin = 0;} if (isNaN(lrMargin)) {lrMargin = 0;}

content.height(container.height() - titlebar.outerHeight() - tbMargin); content.width(container.width() - lrMargin);


This only fails on IE 6 (the only place i've encountered the problem.)

#4346 duplicate west handle on right-floated resizable is changing the left margin instead of just the width dieselmachine

A base example can be found at

I mentioned this on the jquery ui group ( and it was suggested I enter a bug report here.

Basically, when dragging the west handle of a right-floated resizable, I would expect the right edge to remain anchored, and the handle to overlap the left edge of the div at all times. Instead, the edge of the div seems unlinked to the actual position of the handle, and things are kind fsilly because of it.

#2641 fixed week row hover styling grabanski PeterAce

I like the new UI datepicker. Would like to see a CSS class added for highlighting a row when hovering over a date.

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