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#6113 worksforme Custom query parameter AdeelEjaz


The current implementation attaches a parameter called "term" which is hard-coded. This is not ideal when autocomplete is implemented in a system that already expects something like "q". Changing the backend to "term" might break other implementations that give out "q".

The best way to handle this is to allow an option to be passed called "param" or "queryParam", etc

#1894 fixed Interface's SlideOutLeft,SlideOutRight,SlideInLeft,SlideOutRight ? Adrenalin

Can you please add interface's SlideOutLeft,SlideOutRight,SlideInLeft,SlideOutRight like effect since it doesn't work anymore with jQuery 1.2.1.. And I can't do "movie like" effects :(

Maybe that's already in some trunk since I need to use that urgent..

#7542 notabug Sencha & jQuery/jQuery UI behavior AdvDeveloper

Hello bugs team,

jQuery used: Latest. From Google CDN. jQuery UI used: Latest. From Google CDN. Browsers affected: Safari 5.0.5 on Windows. jsFiddle: Sencha bug report:

I've successfully tracked down this bug and even found how to undo the "damage", but the solution isn't practical as it messes with jQuery UI's CSS. If you take the latest CSS used (, locate two lines that mention the class ".ui-widget-overlay" (line 41, line 289) and delete them, the phenomena doesn't occur.

I've also tried working with previous versions of both jQuery and jQuery UI, and the phenomena still happens.

I've reported that the bug is connected with ui.dialog component, but I'm not 100% sure about this. It's my developer's hunch that's guiding me...

I really hope you find the solution to this because it has been driving me nuts in the last few days.

Thanks in advance.


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