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#9424 notabug $('.ui-slider-handle:first').offset() incorrect if hidden warmski warmski

Similar to ticket 2428. If the slider is in a hidden div when created it creates the handles in the right place but does not set the correct offset values. The code I am using is: $('#slider').slider({

min:0, max:1000000, step:5000, values: [100000, 500000],...

var handle1x = $('.ui-slider-handle:first').offset().left; When visible on create handle1x is 115 When hidden on create handle1x is -1. Thanks

#5898 worksforme $('button').button("enable") re-creates the button plaflamme

Calling "enable" after a "disable" will re-create the spans inside the <button> element.

To reproduce, browse to the button demo (here) and issue this JS repeatedly:

$('div.demo button').button('disable').button('enable')

You will notice that the <button> element will have a new <span> child added on every call.

#5979 wontfix $().button() with an image inside not working in IE7/8 jfhernandeze

I have a checkbox with a label inside and a img inside the label:

<input type="radio" id="myid" value="someval" /> <label for="myid">

<img src="img/url/image.png" />



The UI works fine (paints it properly and handle visual effects) but when you click on the img that is inside the label, IE changes the UI well but it doesn't change the radio property as checked nor the value. If you click on the button background (generated by UI) it works fine (UI paints fine, and the value of the radio changes).

In other browsers works fine.

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