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#1690 worksforme Position bug of Selectables codesquare triekki

When grandparent of selectable items has css-value "position: absolute" the selecting helper doesn't position properly.

Example situation (Try to select numbers)

#1691 wontfix slider handles cover slider handles on the left paul reh

I ran into a problem with the sliders (see slider demo page - 3. Multiple handles):

When I drag the left handle over the right handle I cannot move then left handle any more. The mouse grabs the right handle - which cannot be moved any further to the right to uncover the left handle.

This behaviour occurs because the hotspot of a handle is set to the center of the handle and if the hotspots of two handles meet, the right handle covers the left handle. I would like to set the hotspot for every handle separately. This would also allow using different background images for the left and right handle.

#1696 notabug Javascript Errors Using Table Sort When The Table Has Zero Rows In Its Body kirkcerny501

I recently downloaded the new UI table sorter, and it was working great until i came across a table without any body rows.

There were a number of errors where a row was assumed to exist such as. cells = table.tBodies[0].rows[0].cells;

Error table.tBodies[0].rows[0] has no properties. I am using Firefox 2

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