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#4067 duplicate Other events are blocked Agone

When I use selectable, I can't use other event feature of jquery. I use selectable with in same element. Ex :

With this example I can select or unselect all div in my div but I can't display "I've clicked span in my div !" !!!

Code :

<div id="mydiv">
   <span>click here!</span>
   <span>click here!</span>
   <span>click here!</span>
   <span>click here!</span>
<script type="text/javascript">
$("#mydiv span").live("click",function(){alert("I've clicked span in my div !");});

I need to use live with selectable. I try to use or mouseup but it's the same problem when selectable is used...

#2741 fixed Datepicker Dutch Localisation paul Aidamina

I updated the Dutch Localization for the datepicker component.

Patch included.

#10437 fixed Resizable: border with grid option working wrong mikesherov Akatsukle

Here's the jsfiddle:

If you are trying to resize an element which has a border (extra large here to make the bug obvious) to the minimal size, it will work well with most handle. However, with the top handle, the left handle and the top-left handle, the minimum size will be twice the larger of the border+the size it should have took.

For example, in this fiddle, the minimal size will be 70px (50px+2*10px) instead of 50px.

I have encountered this bug with 1.10.4 and 1.11.0. I haven't tried the other versions.

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