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#7820 fixed $(...).accordion('option', 'active') is incorrect when set by URL hash navigation dlee

If an item is activated by the URL hash navigation feature, the 'active' option is not set properly.

Test Case: Direct Link to a section:

#9149 notabug $(...).jtable is not a function in Jquery 1.9.0 PlugIn mohan.Kadiyala

Hi, We are facing an issue with jTable with 1.9.0 plugIn. During debugging process it is been identified that jquery 1.9.0 is calling 1.4.2. For more information included image.

We have tried by changing the sequence of jquery references in master page(layout.cshtml). But no result.

Strange issue: We have tried the same in various machines , many of them loading data properly and jquery 1.9.0 getting called , but we are facing this issue in few client machines. What would be the problem ?do we need to change any things from browser level? we have installed all latest version of browsers.

Thanks Mohan.Kadiyala

#6823 duplicate $(...).switchClass(...,...,"slow") mavinm

If you transition between a certain color class to a different color class, the transition moves slowly. If you were to go from a background color class to a transparent class. The transition is messed up.


  1. the parent div has a green color background.
  2. the child before switchClass(...) called is css{background:transparent}.
  3. the child after switchClass(...) called is css{background:yellow}.

What will happen is the background will shift straight to white making a weird appearance, do the animation, then go to the correct color.

Let me know if you need some sample code.

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